Saturday, September 18, 2010

my fun filled RAYA! ~\(^o^)/~

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Assalamualaikum awesome peeps, and hello fellow Earthlings!.. lol.. it's now the 8th day of Eid Mubarak, and I have given you peeps NO UPDATE whatsoever on my whereabouts.. how evil is that, right?.. so here I am, burning the midnight oil to update meh blog.. and since I'm sharing on Aidilfitri memories, your eyes shall burn with my camwhoring, fun loving, mouth watering PICTURES!.. muahahahahahaha!~~ evil laugh cough cough..

1st Day of Raya

this day was celebrated among family members.. this year we are greatful to have the WHOLE family under 1 roof, including my sisters husband, abg hafiz.. so that's a total of 7 people being loud on the 1st day of raya.. wohooo!~.. wait, or was it just me?.. hurmmmm...
anyway, at 8.15am on this day, we flooded the UUM mosque for the Raya prayers and soon after feasted on the mouthwatering foods prepared by the mosque.. take that people, eating during daylight again!.. lol!~ but yeah, pictures aren't here coz I'm so lazy to transfer them from my mums camera.. I took a picture with an Idonesian singer who also happens to be a PhD student in UUM.. forgot his name tho.. I'm not even suppose to tell you guys about him cause he's keeping a low profile.. but since I already typed it and is lazy to press the backspace button so, oh well.. moving on~~


after prayers, we returned home and dolled up for the family photoshoot.. but first and foremost, we ask forgiveness from the people we did wrong to, especially our parents, well, in my case, my mum..
I'm sorry for all the wrong things, the mistakes, the heartaches, the tears, the worries, the fears, the pain that I have done to you in the course of my 22 years of living on Earth.. I'll do my best to be a good daughter, now and in the future.. please forgive my wrong doings ya mum?.. and thank you for the duit raya!.. hehehe.. =P I LOVE YOU SO SO MUCH MUMMY! (^^,)

and the overflow of picture starts here!.. wohooo!~.. photoshooting time!! XDD this first picture is kidnapped from my lil sisters facebook.. no worries, she marked her work and I'm not changing it..
oh btw, most of the pictures are taken from my bro-in-laws Nikon D90, so they are extra awesome pics!.. and some were taken by my sisters on my Nicky.. he's extra well nowadays coz he has new expensive batteries that costs me RM105 in him now.. hoho.. so, enjoy them piccies!.. =D
Girl power!!.. oh, and don't ask about the colour of our baju raya.. we didn't plan it to be like this, it was a coincidence that 2 wore black, 2 wore turquoise green and 2 wore purple.. really, we didn't plan it, believe me.. (-__-;;
candid shots from abg Hafiz, my bro-in-law.. happy family we are.. hehehe..
I don't know why I don't smile much in this pic, so don't ask me.. (-__-;;
but I love this one!
and this siblings shot!.. I love it I love it! =D
look, daughter and mother.. mummy looks young, doesn't she?.. =)

after the photoshoot, we went to my cousins house in Jitra for beraya.. on the way, we stopped by the petrol station where we saw a dude sweeping trash in his baju raya.. so sad, working on this day.. but I guess some people have to work, if not, the world won't function.. you win some you lose some, right?..
but I'm sure he's well paid for his services on this particular day.. hehe..

anyway, once we got to my cousins house, I got some more duit raya too, plus stuffing my face with delicious foods.. wheeee!~~ then comes the cutesy pie QA that I mentioned in the previous post..
not forgetting the photoshoot with my cousins family!.. wheee!~~
okay, be serious guys, no goofing around..
okay, now free style!.. wohooo!~

after filling ourselves with foods, we made our way to friends houses.. and we actually went to the hospital in Alor Setar, to see a student of my mums who got into an accident a few days before raya.. a pity for him and his family, really.. but since I don't know him, I ended up going around cam-whoring.. lol!~.. insensitive much?.. =P
I forgot to mark this picture.. oh well, don't steal it, okeh?.. ask for permission if you want to use my pictures.. wheee!~ then on the way out of the hospital, we found this awesome wall that felt photoshoot worthy that I made my bro-in-law to whip out his D90 and snap this awesome picture of me and my sisters, but of course, focusing on me.. lol!~
it's pretty, ain't it?.. say it's pretty!.. hmphhh!~ =P

well, I think that's all for now.. I'll update on my reunion later.. oh oh oh, there are more pictures from my raya.. you ca go to this link to check em out.. make sure you have a bucket next to you, in case you throw up from the cuteness of meh piccies.. wheeee!~~ =DD

and to end, meh super duper close up!
now your brain is imprinted with my face and you shall not forget me!.. and when you see me, you shall give me money and presents and lots of love!.. buahahahahaha!! this is not extortion, it's hypnosis!.. wheee!~~ later awesome peeps! (^^,)


GRuNGe said...

Awak memang suka bergambar yea? Ades, cemana nak setting gambar kasi lawa yea?

EIPUL said...

wah, meriah giler raya ko najmie

suka semua gambar ko, nampak sweet giler... hehe

Khairi said...

gambar yang sangat meriah huhu. selamat raya najmie, ceria2 selalu ya!

Judiene said...

yeah! girls powers are awesome!
i wonder how ur bro-in-law get used to be the only guy in he family
must be tough at first

☺[ai][sUmi]☺Chan said...

wahhh~ cantiknye dia ^__^ selamat hari raya dear..

Luqman Al- Hakim Bin Foaad said...

so many pictures!
mesti ade banyak lagi rite?!
your raye looks amazing.

Just_najmiE said...


hehe, ntah la.. sy bukan pro sgt pun.. =)

Just_najmiE said...


thanks babe! =D

Just_najmiE said...


thank you!.. selamat hari raya jugak!.. =D

Just_najmiE said...


hahaha, ntah la, I never asked him before.. =P

Just_najmiE said...

sis sumi..

hehehe, thank you sis.. selamat hari raya jugak!.. (^^,)

Just_najmiE said...


w'salam.. haaha, cmana tau ada byk lg gmar nih?.. hahaha.. thanks!.. it was a great raya.. =)


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