Thursday, September 23, 2010

dare to challenge yourself (the chili way)

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Assalamualaikum and hello awesome peeps!.. what's up?.. last month I helped in shooting this video for a competition, it's called 1Malaysia Innovative Tournament, or 1MIT for short..
it wasn't for UUM per say, but the whole student poly-tech/university population in Malaysia, regardless of nationality, provided they are studying in Malaysia.. shooting the video was fun, but I didn't fully comprehend the whole concept of 1MIT yet, until Mr Azim Pawanchik, the Principal Consultant of Alpha Catalyst Consulting gave his talk in the Creativity and Innovation seminar later that night..
he showed some awesome innovative ways that can be implemented in daily life and how creative students are.. this competition really offers some awesome prizes, including from big names such as AirAsiaX, Porsche, Microsoft Malaysia, Nomad Adventures and many more.. so what do the participants have to do?.. hehehe.. for that, you shall have to watch this video.. try to spot me in it, okay?.. (^^,)

so there you have it, the challenge that we have to shoot for the 1MIT2010.. so, errr, how was I?.. I look pretty cute, right?.. lol, perasan lah kau najmie!~ =P anyway, I was sick along the line of the given 2 weeks, but I did manage to form a super quick team and do a shooting for a video. I admit, we could have done better, but hey, at least we tried, right?.. (^^,) so check out my teams chili video..

and for the record, I know I look fatttttt in the horse riding pictures, so no need to point that out to me.. okay?.. okay.. (-__-;; anyway, I've seen some awesome videos from other teams as well, and what I can say is, it's a pretty stiff competition.. even though mine might not actually be the best video, but it's a submission.. so I'm pretty much cool with that.. hehehe.. oh oh, go [HERE] please.. thanks a million!.. (^^,)


EIPUL said...

i hope u can win!

u go girl~

Just_najmiE said...


thank you!.. hehehe.. (^^,)


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