Sunday, November 28, 2010

the past that came to visit.. (^^,)

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Assalamualaikum and hello awesome peeps!.. wassup??.. it's a glorious Sunday today, and I finally had the time to sit down and type an entry on meh lovely blog!.. wohooo!~ \(^o^)/ again, I'm sorry for taking forever to update, been busy with student life.. huhu.. anyway, here are some updates of my life, that you might not know, since I didn't have the time to post em here.. so, yeahhhh.. sit tight and hang on to your seats, the plane is about to take off!~ wheeeeeeee!~~~ =DD

I now have stepped down from my post as the Executive for Sponsorship Bureau in the UUM Corporate Entrepreneurship Club on 17th October 2010.. I haven't been in this club for long, but I surely had fun with em joyous peeps!.. (^^,)

then on 21st October 2010, I was officially appointed as the new President of SIFE UUM by my fellow SIFErs and friends.. this is really an honour for me as the organization is mainly consisting of non-Malays, and being given the trust to manage it is a challenge I'm looking forward to!.. I'll do my very best to make SIFE UUM the awesome-st ever organization in UUM and in SIFE itself!.. SIFE UUM, WE DISCOVER, WE DEVELOP, WE INSPIRE!!~ (^^,)
with the previous Core Team members, my friends, Ray, Aevin, Aaron, outgoing Vice President Yi Chin and outgoing President Dawson..

on 31st November 2010, my eldest sister, Khadijah Kamisan received her Masters Degree in UUM's 23rd Convocation.. we hang out as a whole family, plus Kak Ijahs husband, Abg Hafiz and my Indonesian friend, Tommy.. it rained a lot during a period of 1 week, so most of the pictures are wet.. err, not literally la.. hehehe.. =P
jump of joy!.. (^^,)~

on 3rd November, the UUM 23rd Convocation had to be postponed as the water levels in Alor Setar, Jitra and Sintok was rising rapidly and caused flooding in the mentioned area.. most of the recipients were trapped outside of UUM and those inside UUM are unable to go out as the roads leading to and from UUM has been blocked by the flood water..
picture courtesy of KC Ng, the Legend of Changloon..

the flood was really really bad, and my cousins house in Jitra was badly effected, 7 meters of water entered the house.. it was bad I tell you.. so on 5th November, my family and my friend Tommy went to Jitra to see the house.. we went coz the road was opened and clear of flood water from Changlun to Jitra.. our hearts sank when we saw the state of the house..
we went and clean all that we can, bringing in as much friends to help as possible, and Alhamdulillah, the house is now clean and my cousin has moved back into the house.. thank you friends and family!.. (^^,) if you want to see more photos, you can [click here]..

so there you have it, the updates of my life, up to 5th November.. then on 12th November, my lil sister graduated from her primary school and got 5A's for her UPSR.. then I'm alone and had raya and stuff.. hahahaha.. read previous posts to find out.. currently it's the final exams week and I have finished 3 papers, left another 2 papers on 4th and 8th December, then I'm home free!.. wohoooo!~~ can't wait for that!.. hahaha.. =D

now I'm off!~ gonna go jogging and keep fit.. I've lost a lot of weight and now I have to maintain it.. hehehe.. gonna go jogging, playing squash and biking with my youngest sister.. see you awesome peeps soon!~.. (^^,)v

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