Thursday, December 30, 2010

football freaks

Mood : Headache

Assalamualaikum and greetings fellow blog readers..

I'm currently not feeling well, but I felt like updating my blog.. for guys, I'm pretty much sure you know about the AFF Suzuki Cup 2010 that just ended last night.. if you didn't know, you must be living in a cave and have no life.. boo hoo for you..

the game ended last night with Malaysia winning 4-2 against Indonesia.. don't expect me to go about and review the game, coz I didn't watch it pun.. haha.. I was out with my family doing errands.. we went to a local shopping store to find the compounds with very little people.. it kinda like going to the Sunway Pyramid skating rink which is usually packed with people and finding it to be deserted with less than 20 people where you can skate and fall and skate and fall without bumping into anyone.. yeah, like that la..

I always found it amusing that football can unite a bunch of people in front of the tv with junk food at arms length and curses rolling around in the mouths of avid football fans.. groans and cheers can fill a mamak stall easily as everyone gets excited when a striker dashes for the winning kick.. and then, GOALLLLL!! the ground shook as people of all shapes and sizes jump up and down with glee, the sky echoed with shouts and laughter of amazement, regardless of age, gender nor race, celebrating the success of the Malaysian team.. ahhhhhh, football, it never cease to amaze me.. (^^,)

so congratulations to the Malaysian Tigers!.. you guys did us proud!.. and because of your success, our Prime Minister announced that tomorrow, 31 December 2010, as a national Holiday to celebrate the winning of the AFF Suzuki Cup 2010.. so for those working, have a blast tomorrow ya..

okay la, my head is getting super dizzy.. I have to sleep now.. good night awesome peeps!.. take care!~.. (^^,)


EIPUL said...

yup well done malaysia!
and all girls now are going crazy on khairul fahmi, literally
do you?


Just_najmiE said...


nope, I'm exempted.. hahaha..


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