Friday, December 24, 2010

reunions can warm the soul

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Assalamualaikum and hello awesome blog readers!.. welcome to my humble yet totally cool blog.. hoho.. as the title shows, this blog is about my great life, so don't go around searching about things that don't related to meh blog okeh?.. eh, ok that's a bit rude.. haha, sorry bout that, blame them hormones.. lol!~
anyway, I'm gonna share with you awesome people about my recent high school reunion.. okay, it's not really recent, it happened in September this year, but I just got the time to update about it now.. mianhae... (TT3TT)
see, I have graduated from highschool in 2005, and haven't met most of my friends since then.. so a friend of mine planned for a small reunion among my 2001-2005 batch on the 4th day of raya, 13th Sept at Jitra KFC.. and away we go!!~~ =D
meet the early reunion people!.. I don't really talk to most of them during my schooling years, but you know how it is during reunions, everyone suddenly become best friends ftw!.. hahaha.. EPIC!
see the girl in chocolate at the end there?.. during my schooling time, quite a lot of people mistook me as her and her as me.. they say we look alike, and even her admirer once thought I was her.. hahahahaha.. that was funny when you think about it.. lol!~ the dude didn't come to the reunion tho if not I'd show you his picture.. oh well.. =P
eh look, more people!.. it started with only 10 people, then blossomed into 40++ people.. how awesome is that right?.. the initial people who agreed to come were only around 30 but more came, so YAY!.. everyone was happy and wanted another reunion at the end of next year, but to make it SUPER AWESOME AND EPIC, so everyone who came has to put particulars so they can be contacted regarding the future reunion..
meet my friends, the dude holding the camera is Adib (say hi!) and Luqman (a dude who used to have a crush on me, lol!).. omg, memories! (^^,) and below here is Tasnim.. he's been featured in my blog last time, look him up.. I didn't really want to put this picture at first, but, look at this picture, do you see it?..
see the 2 dudes on the right?.. their table sits 4 dudes, and they keep looking at me, directly and then smiled and sniggered among themselves.. what deeeee right?.. and after they look at me, they eat for like 5 minutes, then went back to gawking.. and I'm not the only one who noticed it, coz my friend pointed them out to me, so I'm not the one who perasan okeh?.. but it's damn annoying.. pftttt..
look, my cute twin ftw! =D
the gal who planned it all, Aishah.. I don't think I have ever talked to her during high school coz we were in different courses, but during the reunion, we were the best of friends.. hahaha.. =P
and yes, sadly, since I was the one who took everyone else's pictures, my face had to be self taken.. no one wanted to help take my picture, so sad.. (TT3TT)
eh look, more people!.. errr, but I forgot more than half of their names, I just remember their faces.. hahahaha.. sorry guys, I suck in remembering names.. =P
eh eh, Menteri datang!.. lol!.. this is Jat.. he came with Met wearing like this, complete with songkok.. everyone was baffled, that and they find it funny.. hahahahaha.. sorry guys! =P
oh oh, I want you guys to meet this dude.. I had a crush on him when I was in form 3, I think.. but then he didn't like me, I was rejected (omg sedih! (T^T)) but hey, I got over it!.. hahaha.. meet my ex-crush, Faizan Naim..
damn, I hope my friends don't use this piece of old information over me.. (-__-;;

so what do people do during reunions?.. err, I don't know, talk?.. so that's what we did.. catching up with friends whereabouts, exchanging numbers, asking to open houses.. it was awesome.. we concurred that we all miss our time in high school, and that reunions like this is a must at least every 2 years..
see everyones happy faces?.. haha.. reminiscing is fun!

oh oh oh, I want you guys to meet someone..
when I got to KFC, he said,
"Najmie, do you know who I am?.."
"err, I'm sorry, I don't think I do.."
"remember is Form 1, I had a crush on you, but you ignored me.."
in my mind was, wtf?.. "err, really?.. I don't remember, so sorry.. =("
"this is Faizal la, pezal!.. I used to be fat (puffed up his cheeks) in highschool.. that's why you never was interested in me.."
"OMGGGGG!! you look so different, I didn't recognize you!"
hahahahahahaha!! EPICNESS!! =D

so here are more pictures from the reunion.. hope the next reunion is attended by more peeps, coz it's super fun to gather like that.. hohoho..

till we met again in the future dear friends!.. next time people might bring their husband and children to the reunion.. no more singles.. hahahaha.. I'm kinda looking forward to that.. hohohoho..

take care and keep in contact in Facebook ya.. love you guys!.. (^^,)


Judiene said...

I couldn't agree more with you.
During reunions, everyone suddenly become close and starts talking how about our days in high school, even though we never known their names.
So funny!


The 7th said...

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Just_najmiE said...


kan kan kan??.. hahahaha.. but it's fun to hang out with friends like that.. (^^,)

Just_najmiE said...

the 7th..

thanks for the invite, but please don't spam my blog post in the future.. thanks..


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