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how to jump off a bridge and survive

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Assalamualaikum and hello awesome peeps!.. first and foremost, I would like to wish those who celebrate Christmas, a merry ho ho ho Christmas!.. deck the halls with stuff and eat at your hearts content.. but don't forget to exercise em all off later ya.. hehehe..

anyway, as the title says, I am going to share with you guys, the safest way to jump off a bridge and survive.. well, before we get to that, let's first state, WHY people would want to jump off.. maybe coz of love problems, family problems, money problems, work problems, gender problems (wtf?) or maybe you just got tired with your life and wanted to end it with a splash..
but then, there's also other reasons why people want to jump off a bridge, for adrenaline rush and for the sheer experience of insanity.. the feel of the wind wisping through your face as you fall fast from 50 meters high, the sight of the water coming closer and closer to contact with your face, the touch of the water as it laps you up, the feeling of FREEDOM..
there are people who want to jump off the bridge for this reason, but NEVER to die, just to experience the adrenaline rush.. same goes to me, I want to jump off a bridge AND survive.. I'm happy to share with everyone, that I did it.. I JUMPED OFF A BRIDGE AND I SURVIVED..
now let's get to the HOW part.. easy, go bungee jumping!.. you can get the adrenaline rush you want, be insane, touch the side of freedom and not die in the process.. hahaha..
for those in Malaysia, visit Sunway Lagoons Extreme Park for Malaysia's First Bungy Jump!.. prepare RM75 before you get there okay, that's how much the adrenaline rush costs.. (^^,)
ecstatic face, on the way to the awesome experience.. err, that's my phone in my pocket, not cigarettes.. hehe.. =P

first thing first, buy the godamn ticket.. like I said, it cost RM75 (discount for myKad holders, non myKad holders pay RM130) to jump off a bridge safely.. oh, did I mention you also have to sign a release form or something, signaling that Sunway Lagoon will not be responsible if anything goes wrong or if you die in the whole process.. charming huh?.. then the dude at the counter will weigh you and write your damn weight on your hand.. talk about exposing yourself.. pftttt.. (-__-;;
this is my sister, she jumped with me too.. you won't know my weight, coz is classified.. muahahahahahahahahha!~~ XD

next, make your way to the suspended bridge.. that means climbing a whole bunch of stairs.. I was pretty much winded once I reached the top, but that's not gonna stop my excitement.. wohooo!~~
see me and my sister's happy faces?.. (^^,) err, but I dunno the dude on the right.. passerby, maybe..

so, once you're there, make your way to this effin' small ledge almost at the middle of the bridge..
it's 50 meters high, btw.. nahh, it wasn't that high, wish it was 80 or 100, that would be EPIC!..

there'll be dudes in blue t-shirts marked 'Bungee Crew' to assist you and strap you to your doom.. okay, not doom, ultimate INSANITY FTW!! XD
this bro is the bungee instructor or something.. he was super nice and chatty, awesome attitude in dealing with scared yet excitedly insane people ready to jump.. hahahaha.. thumbs up bro! =D

before getting onto the platform, I have to wear the harness around my belt, like the dude in the picture above.. besides, I want to survive, not die.. take care of me please, bros.. (-__-;; the crew will fasten all the essential gear to ensure safety of the jumper.. he wrapped my feet with thick towels to ensure that I won't get bruised when the ropes jerked me from my doom.. hehe.. then he told me that there are 2 safety rope tied to me, my legs and behind my back, and not to worry if the rope around my legs give way as I plummet to my doom.. very comforting huh?.. omg, I use doom too much ftw.. (>w<)
hahaha, super excited face, ready to jump.. the dude fasting all the stuff to my feet was hitting on me.. hahahaha, super epic!.. sempat dia nak mengorat anak dara orang noh.. =p I think it was becoz I couldn't shut up, talked and talked and talked.. hahaha..

once you're ready, the instructor will tell you what and how you jump, etc etc and you'd probably miss what he says coz your heart was pounding hard in your chest.. well, maybe.. but that didn't happen to me.. coz I'm INSANE! wohooooo!~~ \(^0^)/ what do insane people do?.. take a picture with the instructor before you jump off, with your toes hanging out from the platform.. hahahaha!
say cheese bro! peace!

the moment of truth.... standing on the ledge, looking down.. I got mixed feelings.. excited, scared, even terrified, but I still want to jump.. I'm so close.. but then suddenly, my knees were shaky and I suddenly developed a fear of heights..
the bro starts saying, "are you ready?"
then I questioned myself inside, "am I ready? I've been ready for a freaking long time!"
but I said, "wait a moment"
10 seconds go by..
he starts counting, "ready? in five, four, three, two, one, JUMPPPP!!"
F youuuuuuu!!!!~~~~
I fucking DID IT!!!
and here's a video to prove it..

hahaha, I cursed as I was hanging there, "tinggi siot, bodoh!" (this is high, stupid!)
but I don't know who I was cursing to, it just came out from my mouth.. sorry for those offended, I blame the adrenaline rush.. hehe.. =p
I asked the boat guy, "it's normal to be screaming like a lunatic when you jump, right?"
"yeah, it's pretty normal.. worse case scenario is crying, coz the jumper was forced or dared by friends to jump.."
man, I wish someone would dare me to jump, I'd love to jump off again.. but the darer must pay RM75 for me la.. hahahaha.. I wanna jump for free please.. =p

adrenaline rush? CHECK
jump? CHECK
survived? CHECK
means you get a certificate of insanity!
congratulations to my sister and me!
want one?
go jump off a bridge.. but only Sunway Lagoons bridge please, you won't get this certificate if you jump off Penang bridge..

experience the adrenaline and the sheer insanity!!


☺[ai][sUmi]☺Chan said...

NAK CUBA!! serius nak cuba.. ^__^ seronok tgk sis wat bungee jump..

Anonymous said...

fuh.jeles.mahu try jgk.hohoho

EIPUL said...

gila ah ko najmie
walaupun tak nampak tinggi sangat, tapi aku rasa view dari atas tu da cukup menggayatkan jiwa kot if i were u

great job!!! nak jugak tapi tiket dia macam mahal gila je

Judiene said...

That look freakin' awesome babe!
I have always wanted to go bungee jumping but can't find a suitable place.
And now they already have it here in Sunway Lagoon, I'm sure gonna try it soon.
Ermmm, but its RM75 per jump sound a bit expensive to me la.

GreenKhadijah said...

notes for all, it cost RM75 to bungee jump...not to forget RM75 for the admission fee to sunway lagoon...basically one have to pay RM150 to be able to go through this :)just sharing the info...

Just_najmiE said...

sis sumi..

hahaha, memang BEST!.. you have to try it! =D

Just_najmiE said...

ir marsha..

jom2, try jugak.. syok woooo~ bawak saya sekali, belanja jugak.. hahaha.. =P

Just_najmiE said...


thanks dude! tinggi der, serious!.. tapi best!.. hahaha.. ko ajak ja kawan ko yg kaya sket, soh support ko nak lompat.. baru layannnnn.. hahaha..

Just_najmiE said...


it's the experience that counts.. hahaha..

Just_najmiE said...

kak ijah..

true that, it costs a freaking lot to enter and jump.. but it was worth it for me.. wohooooo!~~ =D


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