Wednesday, December 29, 2010

horse meat in McD?!

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Assalamualaikum & greetings awesome peeps!

it's raining outside and I'm cold, yet the ceiling fan is still spinning.. guess I should go switch it off huh?.. well, that would mean I'd have to pick my butt up from this comfortable place on the floor, and I'm super lazy to do that.. emmmm.. haaaaa, I'll ask my sis to do it for me!.. ain't I the best sister evah?.. =D

I've been in KL since 9th until 22nd December, and during that time I have added 2kg to my weight!.. FTW right?.. sighhhhhh~ I've been super active in KL, going places, riding LRTs, climbing mountains(I mean stairs ftw), walking aimlessly in shopping malls, and a whole lot more stuff I didn't even mention here.. common sense, I'd be loosing weight right?.. but noooooooooo, I had to add the 2kgs, pfffttttt!~ and thanks to places like McDonalds, I visited 4 or 5 different branches in KL alone!...
curse you tasty BigMac! XD

so what to do if you feel fat?.. go to the beach and ride a horse!..
smart kan?.. hehehe.. okay, fine, I haven't been horse riding since November, but on my 1 day trip to Malacca on 20th Dec, my friend took me to Klebang beach!.. no worries, I didn't strip naked so no one got nightmares ftw! XD and lull and behold, a horse!.. hahaha.. I have to pay 5bucks to ride la, but they let me control the horse by myself coz I told em I'm a rider for UUM Equine Club.. so it was kinda cool to be riding a completely strange horse that I never met before.. haha.. =p

I'd love to share with you guys what I did in KL and where I went, but time is super jealous of me.. curse you time ftw! I'll try to update whenever I can ya, so don't miss me too much, you might fall for me.. haha.. if you're a girl, you can miss me all you want.. then if we meet, I'll give you hugs and kisses!.. haha.. we can also hang out at this awesome looking house!
cantik kan? it's a house of my sister's friend.. I love the yellowish glow.. =)

anyway, I'll be super busy next year(ah, mengalahkan menteri busy kau), starting from 1st January.. will be hanging around KL again from 1st till 5th, then off to Pangkor Island from 7th till 9th for SIFE Regional Training and spending the days from 11th till 14th at Pendang Lake Resort for more training.. semester starts on 15th January, classes start on 17th.. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!.. hahaha.. I'm so looking forward to a jam packed year, 2011, so bring it on! \(^o^)/

as an ending note, if you see this guy below, bash him on the head and tell him his friend, the ever awesome Najmie Kamisan, misses him.. hahaha.. get your butt back to Malaysia soon Tommy! (^^,)
ain't we cute? XD

p/s :-- sorry for the title of this entry, I don't know what to name it.. hahaha.. since there's McD and horses mentioned in this entry, so why not, right?.. to those offended, get a life!.. later awesome peeps! (^^,)


..hizamirahim.. said...

ingatkan mekdi jual beger kuda.

Judiene said...

Lorr, baru ingat nak try McD Horse Meat Special.

Just_najmiE said...


hahahaha, klau ada, u nak beli ka?.. =p

Just_najmiE said...


ahahahahahhahaha, sorry dude!.. next time maybe.. =D


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