Tuesday, November 29, 2011

my perfect imperfections


felt like blogging today.. I'm not a perfect person, I'm FAR from perfect.. I have zits and acne scars on my face, huge teeth and I laugh weird.. I talk fast when I'm nervous and I'm sarcastic, but I don't mind if you're sarcastic with me.. I'm not as sensitive or romantic like the other girls and I have more guy friends than girl friends.. I like cats and wish to adopt a tiger as my pet.. I like to talk to myself, I pretend that my phone is my boyfriend, I'm less than patient, I shout at random times and I don't like to do the dishes.. I think I'm funny but sometimes I'm really not.. my mum gets mad at me when I don't hang my clothes properly and my room isn't always tidy.. I'm not a good cook and I don't know how to make a dress like a fashion designer.. I like to waste time on the internet and stalk people on Facebook.. I love to smile and I don't always remember peoples names coz my memory isn't all that great.. I'm not skinny and I can't wear an S size dress or pants.. my thighs are huge and my stamina isn't great.. I sometimes have mood swings but you won't get to see them because I don't always show them to you.. I'm not perfect, i'm perfectly imperfect..

I know I'm lucky to have great friends and family who understands the real me, yet I feel like my life is incomplete.. I'm a lover, not a fighter.. yet I make the same mistakes in life when it comes to love.. and I'm tired, my heart is tired.. I want to forget you, forget the feelings I ever had for you, I really do.. I want my fairy tale ending, but I'm tired..

p/s : my heart is in lock down mode until I'm ready to fall in love again, or until I meet that person.. thanks.. =)

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