Sunday, June 3, 2012

and now I'm less annoyed

Assalamualaikum and hey..

you know what's annoying? seeing a friend who is less attractive than you be in a relationship with a really hot guy.. I mean, really hot, like supermodel actor hot, and the girl isn't even that pretty..

but you know what's more annoying? when a friend who's your age is already married or maybe has her own kids while you're still struggling with final exams and internship. *growls* if you're facing this or maybe even relate to what I'm saying, join the club..

I've spent more than a year looking through old school friends and diploma friends' photo albums (no, I'm not a stalker, at least not the creepy ones LOL) and seeing happy wedding photos plastered on their walls.. all dolled up and posing for the camera.. and along the lines, a little bundle of joy pops out from between mummys legs and more pictures are taken.. hey don't get me wrong, I'm happy for their happiness, BUT WHEN IS IT MY DAMN TURN??

and now I can almost say I'm less annoyed.. =)

Alhamdulillah, I got engaged on 26th May 2012 with a person who loves me so so much, and like seriously, I'm so lucky to have you.. and get this, I'm in love with my best friend.. he got out of the friendzone bigtime, so you guys might want to figure out what vodoo powers he has over me.. LOL.. I'm just happy that I have a fiancee now, but it gets weird when I text him and say, "hi encik tunang.." geli tekak kadang2 pun ada.. hahaha.. I'm not much of a romantic person so it's just weird to say that to your best friend.. dude, I'm my best friends' fiancee!

oh oh! don't waste your breath and ask me who my fiancee is, that's classified information for now.. what's a big way to get married? with a big bang! and that's where the surprise kicks in.. hehehehe.. you'll get to see him, in due time.. if you happen to already know who he is, then consider yourself pretty lucky, and awesome! =D

anyway, I'm here to spam my blog with over gediks photos of my engagement, so enjoy them till you puke rainbows ya? I'm gonna go sleep now, I have an exam tomorrow.. tooddles!~ ^^ 

what's a princess without her mini throne, right?

le cake for Mr Fiancee *giggles* 

le princess for the day

le pretending I'm not nervous at all

le texting Mr Fiancee *yes I'm not that rich, CSL is all that I can afford

le bored princess

le kissed princess

le chicken!!!

le me and le mother

le me bored waiting for le fiancee

le familia arrives!

le me super nervous

le future mummy in law slips ring into finger *shaking at this point*


I have two mummy's now yay!

le hantarans~

I'm engaged! =D

le sisters and QA ma niece~

girl power ain't so bad, sugar~

I'm gonna end this entry with a vain pose..


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