Sunday, June 10, 2012

so who is Mr Fiancee?

Assalamualaikum and hello! ^^

it's currently the final exams season in UUM and everyone is buzzing about burying their faces in books and notes.. you should pop by our Smart Reading Room at the Library and see the war preparations taking place there, LOL.. I would like to say that I'm doing that as well at the moment for my remaining 3 papers, but I'm here in front of my laptop and typing this entry for all y'all to read, am i right? =D

anyway, most of you have heard, or read about the utmost surprising and over-the-top (insert puke noises here) of me being engaged.. I would actually like to thank all my friends and family who came and also to those who wished congratulations on Facebook.. it really does mean a lot to me, so thank you everyone! ^^

Most of my friends on Facebook were surprised, and it all started with a picture a friend of mine posted on FB.. that was the instigator (LOL) to the uproar (LOL again).. some were mad coz they weren't invited to the ceremony, some were taken aback of the abruptness of everything, some were confused as I was not currently in any relationship with anyone at the moment, some were curious as to who I'm getting engaged to and some were just happy for me yay! =D 

the reason why I didn't really publish or tell everyone about my engagement on 26th of May was because I wanted it to be a surprise.. you know, just in case it didn't happen or stuff.. that and I can't afford to invite everyone and pay for the food.. TTT^TTT  my apologies to everyone.. but but buttttttt, people will get invites for the reception ceremony taking place early next year, InsyaAllah.. ^^

so on to the topic at hand, WHO IS HE? who is my fiancee? who is the dude that captured and locked my heart in a safety box? (LOL) who is this guy? that still remains to be a mystery.. =) I have actually chosen to keep secret the identity of my fiancee, at least for now.. why? CAUSE I CAN, LOL.. it's not like I want to all diva and stuff, or want to get the attention of people, but I just WANT TO.. this is my choice people, there isn't much you can do, right? (^^,)

and until recent, I didn't know that this - the identity of Mr Fiancee - was such a big issue.. I know certain people are more curious of this topic compared to others, mostly my peers in UUM.. since I have done nothing much in keeping below the radar since my first semester, most people know of my existence, particularly to whom I'm close with, especially of the opposite sex.. I admit, I have more guy friends than girl friends but I'm okay with both genders actually.. (=___=! 

close friends of mine who were present at my engagement ceremony particularly were ambushed by people who wanted to know who Mr Fiancee is.. especially two of my best friends, Hanes and Kwee Ling a.k.a Amoi.. they might or might not know who Mr Fiancee is, but do you really have to ambush and corner them? really? I mean, come on la, there are reasons why they're not giving you answers.. please stop bothering them, please? I feel bad when they come to me and say, "hey do you know this girl/guy/dude from this class/this event/this course, she/he asked me who your fiancee is.. I didn't say anything but she/he kept bothering me.."  I feel bad, seriously.. Hanes and Amoi, I'm sorry~~ TTTT^TTTT

regarding Mr Fiancee, his identity will still remain a secret, for now.. you can guess all you want, but I won't say yes and I won't say no to any of your guesses, I'm serious.. =) do you need some hints to start guessing? ^^

hint no 1 : he's Malaysian, not a foreigner.. =D
hint no 2 : he's 24 years old this year
hint no 3 : we've known each other for more than a year
hint no 4 : he's one of my best friend prior to being my fiancee
hint no 5 : he has finished his Degree level
hint no 6 : he has/was/did stay in DPP TNB, UUM
hint no 7 : he has an awesome smile.. =)

okay, enough of the hints.. I can't keep this secret forever, so no worries, you guys will know who he is, one day, not today, but one day, in the future, as in, not now.. LOL

so I'm gonna hit the books now.. my next paper is on 13th, then on 14th and the last paper for my degree level (insyaAllah) will be on 27th.. then I'm off for a short holiday in Phuket (yay!) before starting my practical in KL on 9th July.. so till the next entry, later awesome peeps! keep smiling! ^^


ctk said...

selamat bertunang...misteri betul lelaki itu ye...hehe

Aisumi Chan Kawa'i said...

Yieyy! Tahniah sis.. Hehehee! Terkezut jgk bila dpt tahu ni.. Jgn lupa jemput eh nnt? :-) heheee...


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