Thursday, January 3, 2013

the night out

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Assalamualaikum and hello awesome peeps!

so last night I went out with some friends for dinner.. it wasn't planned, I was kinda kidnapped by a friend of mine and was made to go to the dinner.. LOL.. well, in her defense, she just informed me of the dinner which I kindly decline as I wanted to go home and watch episodes of How I Met Your Mother I recently downloaded.. okay, I needed an actual social life, obviously.. so anyway, when she told me about the dinner, I straight away took out my wedding cards and scribbled down their names and asked her to pass em all to them.. she grumbled for a bit, but accepted the cards anyway.. 

so the story of how I got kidnapped is a different thing.. well see, my friend offered to send me to the LRT station and I was thrilled.. I don't have to walk all the way to Paradigm Mall to get the free shuttle bus (why waste RM1 on regular bus when free shuttle bus is available right?) and I was as happy as a clam!~ ^_^ so in the car, my friend still tried to persuade me to go to the dinner.. she even called another one of my friend to try to convince me.. awww, don't they love me? hehehehe.. I mean, I am tempted, but being someone who's about to get married, I kinda need to practice on being a good wife.. so what I did was I called my fiancee and told him about the dinner plans.. being the awesome fiancee ever, he allowed, YAY!~ 

so the dinner wasn't bad, I actually enjoyed a night out with them.. we went to Tropicana City shopping mall and ate at Papa John's.. there were 7 of us; Didi, Julie, Fareez, Naz, Irsyad, Ali and myself.. we ordered the Pizza set for 6 people and Julie added a spaghetti.. we were having fun and making lame jokes and pretty much just bonding stuff la.. we were so loud that the Chinese family sitting at the table next to as were glancing every time someone started laughing insanely loud, and usually it was the boys (fareez and irsyad LOL) and the other awesome part was that the dinner was on Naz.. he offered to pay for everything which was a very generous thing to do.. awwww, thanks Naz! ^_^

so anyway, the dinner was a great time to hand them their wedding invitation cards.. and me being me, I wrote down their names with different tittles.. they were all so excited and started making jokes and comparing who was the best and stuff (yes I have weird friends).. 

so basically what I did was circle different tittles such as Tan Seri, Dato' or Y.B and write their names on the dotted line.. it was really a spur of the moment thing when I scribbled them down, I didn't think they were gonna make so much fuss about it later on.. hahaha.. the names were given out as below..

Fareez the Awesome
Irsyad the Hunk
Ali the Great
Naz the Supreme
Julie the Joyful

Naz asked me, "do I look like a Pizza to you?"
hahahaha, I laughed so hard when he asked me that.. but sorry bro, that was what popped out in my head at that time.. but Fareez and Irsyad were excited and kept going on and on about their names so it was fun to watch.. at least they loved it.. plus they were all making plans of driving down for the wedding too.. all in all, I had a great time and they sent me home afterwards around 10pm..

so what I wanna say is probably is thank you Didi, for kidnapping me.. =)

so anyway, here's the wedding card, yay! haven't been mailing them yet but if you think you could make it to the wedding on 2nd February at Jitra, Kedah and would like to have copy of this card then do no hesitate to contact me via email;
but here's a map anyway.. hahaha

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