Wednesday, November 4, 2009

convo part 4:- Johor and returning home

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ok, this is the last part regarding my convo journey..
memories I want to cherish forever..
and because Kak Ijah keeps pestering me to update..

for those who missed the 1st, 2nd and 3rd part of my diploma convocation journey, kindly click


so on to todays story..


the time was 7pm, 24th October 2009..
we finally arrived at my kampung, Kampung Parit Singgahan Luar, Seri Medan, Batu Pahat..
can't believe I'm finally here again!
it's been like, 3 or 4 years I didn't return to this place..
god, the memories, so overwhelming..

when we got there, we were greeted by my aunt, who I call Maklong..
she haven't changed, the same small n petite Maklong..
awww, so comel ok!
and the one who I miss the most was also there to greet us..
Tok Imah, I miss u n love you!!
riang riuh semuanya..

and my uncle who happens to be my dads older brother, PakUda, came to the house with MakUda and their two-children-who-have-grown-up-and-both-currently-engaged-to-the-love-of-their-lives, Kak Intan and Abg Najib..
try saying that in one breath..
they brought satay..

wahida and PakUda..
he reminds me of my dad..

satay eating people!
the guy in checkered shirt is my cousin, Abg Remi..
he's the main driver for the whole trip, single, btw..

visiting the past

so what are the things I remember about my kampung house in Johor?..
loads of things!
when I was young and when my dad was still alive, we always made it a point to return to Johor for Raya Aidilfitri..
and so does everyone else from my father's family..
the house wouldn't be complete if there's no children running up and down the stairs you know..

I remember the spot where my siblings and I always loiter with my cousins, aunts n uncles come raya day, in front of the TV!
and we sometimes fight over which channel to watch, eventhough there's only 4 channels at that time..
my all time favourite was a show with Amy Mastura in it, acting as a toll girl named Markonah, but I forgot the title la..
hahaha, nama klasik siot, Markonah..

and that's also where I cried while watching Titanic The Movie for the very first time..
Jack, come back! Jack!
sedih ok?.. (TT__TT)

the living room..
the house isn't that big, only has 4 small rooms..
so when all the relatives gathered for Raya holidays, where are they gonna sleep?..
why, the living room of course!
the women were given the choice to stay inside the rooms or outside..
for my family, we chose to sleep inside, can take off our tudung..
but for those who don't really care about their aurat, they slept outside without tudung..
so during the Raya nights, the living room would be filled with bodies of sleeping people, scattered all around..

the bathroom..
omg, takyah citer kot!
rumah kampung kan, of course the drainage system is not that good..
plus there's only one bathroom in the whole house..
there's always a line waiting to go in..
rumah ada 25++ orang dowh..
and the doors don't even close properly, I was always afraid that my male cousins would come peeking through..
they're so naughty, you know?..
so my sisters and I always go and take bathes together..
of course la berkemban, tak kan nak bogel pulak!

the kitchen..
where everyone would eat on the floor, bersimpuh or besila..
so traditional, kan?..
we'd wait for everyone first before we eat, to get the family feeling..
lots of stories, catching up, naughty teasing and jokes happen during this time..
oh, the memories.. =')
but the thing that's irritating was the flies..
there's a chicken farm near the house so the flies came from there..
I remember playing with the penyapu lidi and swatting them with it..
became a game for us small children..

and I will always remember my cousin, Kak Lin..
it became a ritual for us small children to wear henna or inai during the Raya festive..
Kak Lin will be the one who goes out and get inai leaves from the trees behind the house..
she'd pound them on the grinder and make them soft..
she'd cut small plastic bags and tali rapia to tie it around our inai filled small fingers..
and we'd sleep with them on the eve of Raya..
Kak Lin is the best!
ohh, this has always been the reason why I love to wear inai..
it's so pretty on my nails too..
end of visit

so that night was spent on catching up with Tok Imah, Maklong, PakUda n MakUda, and Abg Najib n Kak Intan..
loads of fun really..
too bad it had to end the next day..

after breakfast, we got ready to go back to Kedah..
it's gonna be a long journey ahead..
but we had to have a photo session before we leave!

warning :- lots of pictures ahead..

meet Tok Imah..
tak tak, bukan dia yang belakon citer Jangan Pandang Belakang tu..

my Maklong..
so full of smiles..

(click on the picture you'd like to see to enlarge it)
my crazy family..
the woman in red scarf is Kak Lin..
Maklong is her mother..
tak salah kan aku nak peluk PakUda aku?
dia pun muhrim aku kan..
kenapa, kau jeles ka?..
he's my wali, just-so-you-know..

my single and available 25 years old cousin, Abg Remi..
otak bisnes nih, sangat bagus..

before we left Johor, we stopped by and visited my dad at Tanah Perkuburan Islam, Sri Medan, Batu Pahat..
I haven't seen him for such a long time..
there's a shady tree now at his spot, near his head..
the ground was a reddish glow, kind of like a sign that he's happy to see us..
but it might have just been my eyes playing tricks on me..
I secretly wiped a tear trickling down my cheek..
shhh, don't tell anyone..
rest in peace Abah, we'll always love you and miss you..

we left Johor and made our way to KL to drop off Aini at her condominium in Sentul..
but before that, we went to Tesco in Ampang for lunch around 2pm..
everyone was famished!
all we could do in the car was eat-munch-eat-and-munch some more..
when we finished all the things that could be munch, we'd get hungry again..
haishh, camana nak kurus tah?..
we met abg Hafiz's Babah and Ibu there..
we ate at this place
tak sedap mana pun..

after that, Ibu treated us to strawberry chocolate..
nice, but quite expensive!

next drop off point, Aini at Sentul luxury condominium..
after saying goodbye + hugs n kisses to Aini, we made our way to abg Hafiz's house for jamak prayers..
we also said goodbye to abg Hafiz there and sped out to the highway....
I don't remember much of the trip back, just sleeping and drooling..
ok, gross, but it's normal la kan?..
we stopped for dinner and prayers at one of the R&R..
abg Remi was the one who drove all the way from Johor to Kedah..
he's nice kan?..
my mum nak bagi duit lebih sebab dia tolong, tapi dia taknak terima..
sangat baik..
bertuah sapa dapat my cousin sorang nih..
ok, why am I promoting him?..

we stopped in Alor Setar to drop abg Remi off at his house, and my mum drove all the way back home from there..
time of arrival, home sweet home is 12.55 am, 26th October..
I washed myself and got ready for bed..
tomorrow is a new day..


I've finally finished my convo series!!
now Kak Ijah can't pester me no more..

good day awesome people!!
shining star~~


GreenKhadijah said...

A really long family trip going south and up north again...
I enjoyed every minute of it...
Nicely put in words to become this short memorable story...
:) Smile Always

fitriah said...

the last pic tu u look very cute! ;)

Ejay said...

woah.. nasib baik tak jd dtg meet ur family kat Tesco Ampang tuh.

well, whattosay... i'm a shy guy.
(bley caye ke? heh)

kawie2020 said...

ur en3 make me sick of my kampung. that why I will be on a road trip again, this time back to my hometown, jitra, Kedah. It will be another exciting trip to witness for myself and enjoy the sense of kampung atmosphere... hehehehe...

joegrimjow said...

bestnye scroll2

njoy the pixs

feshnie said...

I get why she pesters you a lot. It took you forever to tell about the most memorable part of the trip! Honestly.
Well, now I don't have to worry about posting up my own version of the story since you've already done a good job of it.
Lol, I don't remember anyone in Jangan Pandang Belakang looking like Tok Imah.
Good post! and you fixed it

PS: Why are you promoting Abg Remi lorh? I so don't get

Just_najmiE said...


yeah.. been busting my brain tho.. it's currently not functioning properly.. haha..

Just_najmiE said...


thanks dear.. (^^,)

Just_najmiE said...

abg ejay..

hehe.. well, everyone is shy to some extend, even me.. so it's understandable.. (^^,)

Just_najmiE said...


ur hometown is in jitra??.. me too!! jitra kat mana nih?..

Just_najmiE said...


a picture is worth a thousand words.. cehh, klau camtu baik takyah taip panjang2.. haishh.. =P

Just_najmiE said...


really?.. for me, the most memorable part was my graduation.. haha.. ada laa, the guys nenek in the kampung who was bothered by the ghost.. alaa, ingat la balik.. haishh..

p/s:- I also don't know why.. haha.. =P


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