Monday, October 26, 2009

convo part 1:- the first meeting.. (^^,)

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hello awesome people!!!!
I'm BACK!!!
you guys missed me?..

it seems like ages since I was online, but in reality it's only been, like, 3 days ja kot..
tu pun tak tahan ka?..
I've got loads of stories to share with everyone, but it's gonna take a while to put it on blog..
so I'll tell it part by part..
the first part is......


he's one of my blog reader and I'm one of his..
in my previous entry, I told you guys that I won a date with him right?..
well, this meeting wasn't the date..
just a short meet, and it was our first..
we didn't have much time to chat since I have to make my way to Ampang, and he has to work..
this was how the short meet went..
but this post is quite long..
skip if you don't want to know..


I arrived in Puduraya station from Sintok, Kedah around 4am..
very sleepy and muka sangat sememeh..
risau aku nak jumpa abg ejay dengan muka nih..
alaa, buat slumber sudaaa..
so I SMS-ed him and he said he was on his way, will be there in 30 minutes..
my friend, Hanes and I, went to McD Pudu that opens 24 hours, where it's safer to lepak..
Hanes was waiting for her BF to come and lepak with us..
so this is my sememeh face I was talking about..

muka tak cukup tido sebab bas laju dan sejuk sangat..

while we were waiting, a foreign girl sat next to our table..
her hands and left foot were wrapped in bandages..
feeling bored, I started a conversation..
"are you alright?.. what happened?.."
I asked, eying the bandages..
"yes, I'm fine.. thank you for asking.. I feel off a motorbike while I was in Thailand.."
she flashed me a smile..
"o0oo.. so where are you from?.."
"I'm from London.."
"I see.. so how long have you been in Malaysia?.. "
this question is not peculiar if you saw the size of her backpack..
"oh, I've been backpacking for 7 months now, in Thailand and in Malaysia.."
"7 months??.. alone?!"
picture my surprised face..
she chuckled..
"yeah, alone.. I've been here before so I know my way around here.. and I meet lots of friends this way.."
"yeah, that's true.. so where are you going after this?.."
"I'm meeting my friend in China Town, and my hostel is also there.. but I can't check in before 7am.. I can't wait to sleep on a bed! I want to sleep for 14 hours straight.."
"hahaha, I can imagine that.. "
"I'll be returning to London in 4 days but my plane is in Singapore.. so I have to make my way there.. I miss my family so much now.. but if my mum sees me like this, she'll freak out!.."
"all the way to Singapore?.. take care in your journey ya?.. haha, of course she'll freak out, you're still her baby girl.."
"that's true.. hehe.. well, I better get going.."
she got up and lifted her backpack..
she had this one big bag, and a smaller one where she slings in front of her, and a sling bag plus a plastic bag..
penuh siot barang dia!
I asked her, "your bag looks heavy, is it?.."
"no, not at all.. I'm used to it.."
"may I try lifting it?.."
"yeah, sure.." she flashed me a grin..
mak aih, gila berat siot!
really really heavy, like 20 kg or something..
she said goodbye and made her way to China Town..
I only remembered wanting to snap her picture after she left..
cisss, cam siot ja..

Hanes's BF arrived first around 4.30am and we chatted for awhile..
but I pretty much spaced out while they were talking to each other..
mana abg ejay nih?..
around 4.45am, he arrived riding his red Myvi..
parked right in front of McD..
unconsciously, I held my breath when he got out of the car and walked through the door..
I'll be meeting abg ejay..
for the first time..
in real life..
not through phone, YM or web cam, but REAL LIFE!!!

ngahahaha, bapak drama queen..
taklah, it wasn't like that..
I just watched him enter through the door and sat next to me..

I forgot what the first word I uttered to him was..
guess it wasn't that important to be remembered by my brain..
he smelled nice, compared to me yang belum mandi dan sangat sememeh nih..
haisshhhh, not fair betul la..
abg, on our next meeting, I'll smell nicer than you!..

we went and ordered breakfast at the counter..
sedap, makan free..
we talked for a while and I pushed a paper bag to him..
"this is for you.."

ok ok, ignore my picture and focus on the paper bag behind me..
that one loh..
it's a very simple and inexpensive present from a girl who has no money..
betul, tak tipu..

he said thanks and some-other-stuff-that-I-forgot-coz-I-was-busy-stuffing-my-face-with-food..
here are some shots of abg ejay..
he looks smaller than I imagined, but according to him, he's still taller than me..
ya ka?..
but one thing for sure, he's wayyyyyyyyyyyyy fairer than me..
and has flawless complexion..
kan abg kan?..

hensem kan abg ejay aku?..
kau nak ngorat tak?..
kalau nak ngorat, sila isi borang J dan borang K dan ambek no giliran..

Hanes and her BF went somewhere for awhile and asked abg ejay to send me to the LRT station in 20 minutes..
so we talked some more where he prodded me and knew that I like to read English novels, just never have the money to buy any..
student la katakan, mana berduit..
so he told me about a novel he purchased a while back but got no time to read, said he'll give it to me as a present..
it's currently in the dashboard, in his car..
no wrappings, no paper bags, with the price tag still attached..
oh, sangat ku suka!!
erm, tapi macam besalah plak..
my present could be considered cheap kot, compared to his..
guilty guilty guilty..
aku hambek jugak novel tu, tajuk best siot!!
and somemore I've already seen the movie..
so I was dead interested to know the original version of the story..
but I'm not sure if you guys have seen it..

price blurred coz.......
suka hati lah!

we left McD and got into his red Myvi..
now I know where he works, coz he took me there and parked his car..
we walked from his office to the LRT station and waited for the counter to open..
we talked crap somemore and abg ejay melayan my kerenah yang macam kanak2 taska nih..
ok, tipu..
I was very professional..
ok, tipu lagi..
ntah, I forgot how I was like, but I'm pretty much sure that I was being myself around him..

he decided to accompany me to Ampang since Hanes was still nowhere to be found..
oh sangat baik kan dia?..
I bought my ticket, he used his touchngo card..
we got onto the platform and waited for the first train..
snapped more pictures..

click click..

self model..
see, he's wayyyyyyy fairer than me..

ok tak?..

we boarded the train and went on our way..
Hanes got on the train at the next stop and we were reunited again!
so I asked her to snap some pics of us..

moving train..

static train..

ya, aku tahu, aku nampak besar sket..
it's not my fault, abg ejay was the one who slouches..
plus I bent my body to the front a little..
that's why I look bigger compared to him..

neways, we separated in Ampang..
but I'm pretty much sure I'll see him again..
besides, he still owes me that dinner date!

look forward to the other parts of my journey and convocation okay?
I'll tell you what happened at my convo rehearsal, the night before my convo, the day of my convo, and the trip to Johor..

stay tuned ya!
shining star~~


Judiene said...

oo, now i know da story
anyway, u don't look dat sememeh la actually, cute cm bese je.
can't wait for more of ur stories la..

imHepPie said...

borang j ngan borang k nak amek kt kaunter mana

fitriah said...

baru nak tanye. mimie da tanye. so najmie sile jawab. dengan kadar segera. haha

ichiban | いちばん said...

seronok nampak.. hahahha.. tersenyum lebar 2 2 .. hahaha =P

miss eyza said...

ouh !! sgt ensem e2 abg ...
nty law nk jumpe bwk aq taw ..
hik3 ..

feshnie said...

not so sememeh laa....

miss oren said...

kat mana nak dapatkan borang j?kaunter mana?huhu

Just_najmiE said...


I look cute?.. auwwwww~~ kembang kempis idong jap.. hahaha!.. thanks!.. yeah, look forward to my other posts, ok?.. (^^,)

Just_najmiE said...


kat kaunter pertanyaan Universiti Utara Malaysia, Bangunan Canselori, bahagian hal ehwal pelajar alumni comel.. hahahaha!!~~ XD XD XD

Just_najmiE said...


di tempat yg sama seperti mimie.. oh, sila kemukakan bayaran RM200, RM100 untuk setiap borang.. moleh?? XD XD

Just_najmiE said...


ohoho, sgt seronok.. ngehehe.. nnt kita jumpa pulak ok?.. (^^,)

Just_najmiE said...

miss eyza..

oh, dia mmg sgt ensem.. kan abg kan?.. haha.. ok, nnt aku nk jmpa dia, aku bwk ko.. ko pun leh support tiket bas, penginapan dan makanan aku, kan kan kan??.. hahaha!! =P

Just_najmiE said...


oh, really??.. but I feel so sememeh when I met him.. dgn muka baru bangun tido.. haishhh~~

Just_najmiE said...

miss oren..

uiii, kamu kan dah tunang, nakmoh gatai2.. gitau encik tunang kang.. hehehe.. =P

EIPUL said...


suka lah dapat jumpa abang sayang kamu? LOL. Congratz~


Just_najmiE said...


hehehe.. thanks!.. (^^,)

arekymz membuyau said...


apesal xsinggah umah??



Ejay said...

apa nak komen eh? nothing left to say la.. u're a great narrator. takde apa nak ditambah or dibetulkan... everything was true.

i just wanna say thanks to u for the precious moment we had together. i knew the first time we met, you'd be hard to forget...


Just_najmiE said...

arekymz membuyau..

mana tau meh!.. haha..

Just_najmiE said...

abg ejay..

ohoho, u just accepted what I said, about u being fairer n have flawless complexion.. hahaha!

I wanna thank u too, it was fun meeting u and we were able to click eventhough it was our first time meeting each other.. it's hard to forget u too.. hope our next meeting will stay like this.. thanks a million! (^^,)


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