Saturday, October 31, 2009

convo part 3:- MY BIG DAY!

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I supposedly have to study for my final exams but I wanna update now, before it gets too late..
for those who missed the 1st and 2nd part of my diploma convocation journey, kindly click


this is gonna be a long entry with lotsa pictures..


I opened my eyes at 6.10am..
omg, it's a tad bit late!
I hurriedly got up and scrambled to the bathroom, took my bath and prayed..
before putting on make up and dolling up for my big day, I packed all my stuff inside my bag..
we'd be checking out today when we leave the hotel room..
took me about 10minutes..
that done, I put on my contact lenses and started putting on toner and moisturizer, continuing with foundation and other stuff that I'm sure none of you give a rats ass of..
so I'll spare the details of those..
remember in my previous entry I told you guys that the convo management won't let students who violate the dress code go and receive their Diploma?..
well, I violated it!!
all the girls were supposed to wear traditional baju kurung only, but I went wearing kebaya labuh..
berani mati betul aku..

we left the room around 6.50am, and went to eat breakfast..
lotsa people, sesak..
after breakfast, we made our way to Seri Negeri, Malacca..
goshh, I'm finally graduating..
I can't believe it..

the parking space was full of cars and people walking about, going for registration..
I was starting to get worried, in case I'd get caught for wearing the kebaya..
haishh, buat salah berani, tapi takut kena tangkap..
apa daa, tak macho betul!
I draped on my robe of honour around me..
ok, selamat kot..
I walked confidently..
doesn't matter, if I get caught, I'll plea and beg them or bribe them, as long as I get to go on stage today..

after registration, I pinned on my selempang and secure my robe, make it nice looking..
today's MY BIG DAY..
after that, everyone started cam whoring..
seronok gila!

me on my big day..
tak sememeh dah kan?

all the other pictures are small coz there's so many of them I want to share with you guys..
if you wanna see any particular one, just click on it ok sayangs?..
hehehe, gatal jap..

with Nadia Khalid..

with my course mates..
lelaki semakin pupus daaa..

while waiting in line for the 'perarakan pelajar', click click..

parents rushing in to find places to sit..

after waiting for 2 hours, the VIP finally showed up..
we got in line and entered the hall..
when your name starts with 'K', you tend to get squashed between guys..

Azman, Hasif, Khairun Najmie, Khairul Nizam, Mohamad Nuzul, Mohd Hasnul, Mohd Nazri, Mohd Siddiq, etc..
7 guys before another girl was listed..
ok, aku dikepit lelaki..

the nice chandelier..
gantung kat umah aku, boleh?..

waiting in line to go up on stage..

me on stage, taking my diploma..

Alhamdulillah, I have graduated with my Diploma..

between abg KN and Syed..

I had to sit in line again, waiting for my second chance to go on stage..
studying hard during my Diploma was not a waste, since MARA gave RM500 to students who got CGPA above 3.75..
the MARA Outstanding Performance Award..
Alhamdulillah, I got CGPA 3.84..

my achievement, my MOPA award..

sitting back after going on stage, the graduation finally came to an end..
all the MOPA recipients were ushered out with the VIP's for a photo session..
I lost my mum during this time..

my sisters who had to stay outside during the ceremony..

after the photo session, I went back into the hall, but I couldn't find my mum..
I searched franticly..
I had to quickly find the girl I asked to hold my phone, I need to call my mum..
I started to walk around aimlessly, looking and searching among the sea of people..
dang it, where is she??
I finally found her, the girl holding my phone, in the middle of the hall, taking pictures with her family..
I said thanks and called my mum once I had the phone in my hand..

I called 7 times, got nothing..
I guess the line was busy, lotsa people were calling at the same time..
I couldn't get through..
I started feeling anxious..
everyone around me were smiling, taking pictures with their graduating son/daughter, laughter between friends, cameras clicking away..
but what was I doing?..
I was crying..
sedih siot..
I broke down and cried my heart out..
where was my family?..
don't they want to celebrate my big day with me?..
I cried my eyes out..

suddenly, someone draped an arm around me..
'akak, kenapa nih?.. kenapa akak nangis?..'
it was my junior..
'akak tak dapat jumpa family akak.. akak dah call, tapi tak dapat..' I said between sobs..
'sabar k akak.. mak akak pakai baju kaler apa?..'
'kaler merah..' suddenly my phone rang.. it was my mum..
'hello?.. umi kat mana?..' my sobs were harder.. I could barely say the words..
'ok, umi skrg nih ada dalam dewan, kat tepi seblah kiri.. where are u?..'
my eyes started to dart around frantically..
'mana umi?.. kerun kat situ la..'
'akak, tu bukan mak akak ke?..' my junior pointed to a lady in red..
omg, just a few steps from me, lull and behold, my mum!
she didn't see me..
'umi!..' she didn't hear me..
'UMIII!!!' mixed emotions between sadness and relief..
I couldn't care less if people were looking at me weirdly anymore..
she finally saw me and was surprised to see me cry..
darn them hormonal imbalance..
my family members joined us a few moments later..
shit, tak macho betul nangis2 nih..
well, I guess it makes me human to cry..

after wiping off my tears and touching up on my make up, it's time for pictures!

banyak tak bunga bear2 aku?..
penuh ja tangan..

yeah, dah grad!! wohoo!!!

family shoot..
wait, Aini's missing..

after finishing the cam whoring session, I went and returned the convo robe and selempang..
said goodbye to everyone and we promised each other to upload the photos on Facebook..
'Najmie, nanti kau upload gambar dari kamera Nikon D90 abg ipar kau tau, aku nak..'
'ya, nanti aku upload..'
pity abg hafiz, they first thought that he was a freelance photographer, when all the while he was my personal photographer, following me around and snapping pictures..
dah la aku memang gila kamera..

my family and I left for lunch in Mydin MITC around 2pm..
I ate burger and cukati (char kweteow) coz I was so hungry..
tak tahan dowh..
makan laju ja, tak toleh kanan kiri dah..
I finished my food earlier than everyone so I was feeling bored..
rested my head on the table..
and I dozed off!!
cuba kau bayangkan, awek pakai baju kebaya, tido kat meja makan kat food court Mydin..
tak ka macam pelik?..
here's proof..
penat sangat la tuh..

my sis, Kak Ijah who took this pic said I look like I was smiling in my sleep..
ya ka?..
cuba kau tekan gambar nih n tengok..
oh, Kerol's gift is on my wrist..

muka baru bangun tido..
haa, sememeh balik..

after lunch, we made our way to the nearest mosque to pray and for me to change clothes and take off my contact lenses..
it wasn't comfy sleeping with it..
after that was done, we headed to Johor, back to my fathers hometown..
Kampung Parit Singgahan Luar, Batu Pahat..
can't wait to meet my grandma!!
till then, time to sleep in the car..
(-_-) zZZzZZZZzzz


ok, there you have it, my convo story..
after this will be the 4th part, meeting grandma and going back home..

now I have to study..
I just found out I have an MIS quiz tomorrow at 10am..
haishhh, lom study lagi nih..
wish me luck awesome people!!
shining star~~


.o r k e d. said...

beest gile da cnvo.
mis?mngment is ke?
same la kite pun amk sbject tu.
btw,msti best gile time cdey2 then jmpe umi,kn?
gudlark dr orked (:

Ejay said...

poor baby... nanges eh tak jumpa ummi?

sorry tak dpt dtg on ur convo.
nnti ur degree convo, insyaallah i come.
lama x ke UUM tu. tempat jatuh lg dikenang.. inikan pulak tempat menuntut ilmu.

fathiahRAIHANA said...

waaa segak laa lam
jubah konvo tuuu:)

harap2 ana pon mcm tu nt !
heheee .

GreenKhadijah said...

thanks for crediting my hard work of taking your pictures in the hall...
It seriously was difficult for me to do it by gather as much as quality pictures and videos of your important moments during your graduation as possible...

Glad you like them and posted it in this entry...

Proud of you sis..
:) Smile Always

GreenKhadijah said...

addition: *as much as possible*

zamry said...

yeyyyy dah grad! ahaks..tetiba ajek..

anyway, congratulation.. and celebration.. kuch kuch hota hai.. lalala..

p/s: maaf, sy tumpang lalu kat blog ni sambil mengendap ckit2 aje =]

joegrimjow said...

best kan klu mak dapat join sama
best best

sha89 said...

congrats naj :)

wahh dh convo nye...

smpi nanges xdpt jumpe umi ek...xpe2 nsib baik at last jumpe rmai gilerr org kn? tu sbb sng nk sesat.

anyway, all d best naj :)

Just_najmiE said...


oh, konvo sgt BEST!!..
a'ah, Management Information System..
best apa kejadahnya, rasa sedih gila, mcm anak disisihkan.. wuwuwu~~ TT___TT

thanks orked.. tp pesal takleh access ur blog?..

Just_najmiE said...

abg ejay..

I'm human for crying, lg2 klau ada kaitan dgn family, I'm a big softy.. and I'm proud to admit that..

ok, I'll take that as a promise ok?.. be there during my Degree convo tau.. huhu..

Just_najmiE said...


hehehe, thanks.. semua akan nmpk segan dah berseri2 time konvo nnt.. so jgn risau k.. hehe..

Just_najmiE said...


ur pictures are always nice, but u seem to be unsatisfied when u urself is not in the picture.. hehehe.. but thanks a million!! u and abg hafiz n aini had been a real help for me in storing my diploma convo memory.. (^^,)

Just_najmiE said...


edit noted.. (^^,)

Just_najmiE said...


wow, abg ejays friend singgah my blog!! I'm so honoured!! haha.. welcome to my humble blog.. it's not much though, just memories I wish to store forever.. (^^,)


Just_najmiE said...


yeah, it's the best.. (^^,)

Just_najmiE said...


erk, part nanges tu kena mention jugak ka?.. hehehe.. tu lah, terlampau ramai org, rasa sgt rimas n susah nk cari family..

thanks sha!.. (^^,)

k.A said...

congrats ye. pointer tinggi tuh. may ur degree pon dpt 1st class nanti, insyaAllah. :)

Just_najmiE said...


thanks.. I'll try my best and u should too.. let's both graduate in 1st class, insya-Allah.. (^^,)

zamry said...

my pleasure dear...keep in touch!

Just_najmiE said...



N.J. said...

kite convo same.. hahaha~

Just_najmiE said...


ya kah?.. hahaha.. tak prasan, ramai sgt org n kita berlainan KPM.. congrats for ur convo!.. kita dah grad skrg.. hehe..

N.J. said...

yup2.. congrats for u gak..

Just_najmiE said...


ehehe.. thanks.. (^^,)


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