Friday, October 30, 2009

convo part 2:- Convo Rehearsal + night in Malacca

Mood : up and about!

I wasn't feeling well last night, so I went to sleep early..
I'm feeling better now, so don't worry bout me, ok?..
and I got the mood to continue with my convo story..
this story is in 'part' basis..
this is the second part..
so for those who missed the first part,
kindly click ----> [convo part 1]

on to todays part,

My Convo Rehearsal + night in Malacca


after I got off the train in Ampang and said goodbye to Abg Ejay, I went on my way to Hanes's house..
her parents were really nice and her house was so cozy..
the most cozy place of all was her bed!
I slept for half an hour after my Subuh prayer before getting up to take my bath and around 9am, we all made our way to Malacca..
I slept some more in the car..
sumpah ngantuk gila!
(-_-) zZZzzZZ
we stopped at R&R Seremban for breakfast and I slept somemore on the way..
seb baik air liur basi tak keluar..

we arrived at the MITC Ancasa Hotel around 12pm but found out that we can't check in yet due to unavailable rooms..
there was a Peneroka Felda Seminar or something going on..
Hanes's parents decided to 'jalan-jalan' for a while and find our way to Seri Negeri..
it wasn't that far from our hotel, about 5 - 10 minutes drive..
there were already lotsa people there..
I met a few of my juniors an the girls came and started shaking hands and kissing my cheek..
'kak najmie!!.. lama tak jumpe.. akak sihat?'
'laa, akak, tembam sikit nie..'
'akak buat ape sekarang, sambung study ke?..'
ok, to tell you guys the truth, I can't rember any of their names, just their faces..
ya lah, they know me coz I was an MPP member, and I handled their orientation..
I'm so sorry girls!

about 12.30pm, the hotel called Hanes's father and said the rooms are now available and we can check in..
once inside our room, Hanes and I started doing weird stuff, like jumping on the bed!
hoho, lama tak tidur kat hotel..
selalunya I followed my mum to her programs or seminars..
we ironed our clothes for the rehearsal and took our baths, again..
we were sweating like monkeys wearing a space suit..
around 1pm, my best friends, Nadia n Aina came to the hotel..
Aina will be sleeping with Hanes n me in the room while Nad is staying in another hotel..
after our prayers, we giddily prepared ourselves..
oh, can't wait to meet all my friends!!
I suddenly became 'mak andam' and put on make-up for Aina and Nad..
just like old times!
god, I missed them!

the rehearsal was supposed to commence at 2.30pm, so we left the hotel at 2.15pm..
we registered at the counter and collected our robes..
shit, I got L size, besar gedabak!!
leh muat 2 orang, kau tahu??
takpa la, as long as I'll be graduating..
so we made our way inside the hall..
met, hug, and screamed with everyone, updating each other with our own whereabouts..
oh so best!

ok, kenapa mata aku macam still tak cukup tido?

my coursemates, Hanes, Kak Tim and Liani..

Seri Negeri..

the rehearsal really started around 3.30pm..
the lecturer in charge informed us of the sitting arrangements, how to wear the 'Selempang', who's gonna be there, and also a demo of how we were supposed to accept our diploma..
we did a rehearsal of 'Perarakan Pelajar masuk Ke Dewan'..
total students, 800++ from 4 different KPM's, both for Diploma and Higher National Diploma..
I'm number 431..
the rehearsal finished at 5.15pm where the lecturer stressed again on the importance of student attire tomorrow..
no kebaya's, kurung tradisional ONLY..
no selendangs, polos ONLY..
no open toe shoes and sandals, black covered shoes ONLY..
anyone who breaks the rules will be prohibited from joining the convo..
I broke the rules anyway..
so, what did I wear?..
you have to wait for my next part..

I met someone for the first time too on this day..
his name is Kerol..
I mentioned him in my blog a few times..
I met him in Tagged and we became friends, but we never met..
so on this day, I met him for the very first time too..
sadly, I forgot to capture his picture..
so occupied with friends and stuff, that it slipped my mind..
but here's a few pictures of him that he MMS's to me..

during raya 2009..

off to class..

with his not so little brother..

he's taller than me..
and I got a present from him!..
this really cool and unique looking bracelet..
I forgot to snap the pictures tho..
but undoubtedly, his present costs more than my present for him..
man, people are richer than me right now..
thanks Kerol, for coming all the way to Malacca to meet me..
and I'm sorry it was only for 20 minutes..
we'll meet some other time, okay?..

I returned to the hotel and sorted out my stuff, ironed the clothes for tomorrow and read the novel Abg Ejay gave me..
just the first two chapters, takut nanti gian..
than Nadia called me and asked me and Aina out..
saja lepak-lepak pusing melaka..
it's been awhile since I was here, kinda missed the place..
but I was dead tired and reluctant to go..
Aina n Nad forced me and I had to comply..
good thing too, coz I had a blast!

we went to the Eye on Malacca..
well, that place wasn't really a blast, but what my friends and I did was fun..

the three musketeers!
Nadia, Aina and me..
love you guys so much!!

Eye on Malacca..
the middle person is Nad's sister..


met Aina's ex-bf and his friend..
they are our juniors from KPMM..
ya, aku tahu, aku gemuk...
so what?!
*budget emo*

ohh, this cool water fountain that dances to music..
sangat COOL!!
but yang kat hotel di Los Angeles dulu lagi grand and happening..

I also met my pet brother, Nazmi..
but only for a short while..


we made our way back to our hotel and went straight to bed..
got a very important day tomorrow..
can't wait for it!!
my mind finally drifted to sleep, filling it with happy thoughts as I wait for tomorrow to come..


so, this is my 2nd part..
my 3rd part will insya-Allah inserted either tomorrow or Sunday..
have to go to the library now to study for my Finals..
only have 3 papers but I have to study too!!

3rd November - MIS
11th November - Ethnics
20th November - Managerial Mathamatics

pray for me ok?..
thanks a million!!
shining star~~


fitriah said...

ok knp sume org da konvo ni??

*haha tetibe emo ;p

imHepPie said...

huhu..sempat g bjalan lgi tuh..hav a great day!

miss eyza said...

congratz yeah ...
da2 studt pat ..

Just_najmiE said...

fit syg..

your will come my dear.. hehehe..

Just_najmiE said...


mestilah sempat maa.. thanks!!

Just_najmiE said...

miss eyza..

thanks!.. ya, nk p study lah nih.. hehehe..

EIPUL said...

nak konvoi jugak.

*sengaja eja konvoi. Kahkah

miss oren said...

gud luck exam k

LeEY@nA said...

life kt melaka mmg besh...
da abeh nty, ktorg yg da d5 nih will mish it damn much...
neway mse convo 2 rse rugi x dpt g..
kte tuan umh...
congratz yea! =)

HIZAMI said...

mmg melake bez... k0t.
i d0k melake.
n i rec0gnized th0se places.

Just_najmiE said...


konvoi??.. apakah?? ko jeles kan?.. haha..

Just_najmiE said...

miss oren..

thanks!.. (^^,)

Just_najmiE said...


sgt best.. by ktempat leh jln2 n duit poket pun cepat habis.. hahaha.. thanks!

Just_najmiE said...


eh, u dok melaka?.. alaa, tak gitau awal2, klau tak leh slalu lepak.. hahaha..

.o r k e d. said...

da tuka url.sila update ya (:

Ejay said...

kalo pompuan mmg kiss cheek eh bila jumpa?
nape hari tu jumpa abg tak bg kiss cheek gak? hahaha.

btw, i belive kerol is a nice guy. tell him don't be jealous... i'm just ur brother.


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