Sunday, June 20, 2010

the awesomeness that never seems to stop

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Assalamualaikum and good evening awesome peeps.. sorry for the delay in updating my dear blog, but life has been a little busy at the moment.. I'm not at home watching tv or enjoying the warmth of family and siblings right now, but is actually in a hostel room, on a borrowed laptop, in the midst of the jungle that we call Kachi Highlands of UUM, complete with a petting zoo that consists of wild monkeys and stray kittens..

okay, I'm being over dramatic, I apologize.. (-__-;; but I'm not lying.. it's currently still semester holidays yet I'm back on campus.. me and a bunch of SIFE UUM students decided to come back early to fool around and waste money.. okay, that's a lie.. we came back to prepare for the annual SIFE National Competition which will be held in July.. it's a mix of terror and excitement for us, since more than half of our team have no experience in this kind of competition before.. truth be told, I'm really freaking excited!.. getting to go on stage with the world watching your every move is quite blood pumping, and I can't wait to feel that!.. hurmmm, I guess I must be crazy for looking forward to that huh, but hey, I love a good challenge.. besides, I'm weird that way.. hohoho.. (^^,)

we, the SIFE UUM team, have been tying up loose ends regarding our presentation, our project findings, but never forgetting to bond with each other and have a few laughs along the way.. okay, a lottttttt of laughs, having jokesters in the team can really lighten the mood tremendously.. that's where Aaron and Aevin comes along.. and the others just add on, we have truly become a family now, regardless of our race or background.. =')

and we did more bonding today, by going out to watch a FREAKISHLY AWESOME MOVIE ftw!! okay fine, I pestered all the SIFE members to come watch the movie with me by chanting "Toy Story Toy Story Toy Story Toy Story" in the most cutesy yet annoying way I could muster, and forced them to spend RM10 of their own money for the tickets and spend nearly 2 hours watching the damn movie.. I'm nice, aren't I?.. =P

I don't know if you guys have watched it or not, but this movie means a lot to me, someone who have loved Toy Story since it's first release.. I fell in love with all the characters, especially Woody and Buzz Lightyear, and not forgetting the values taught in the movie.. friendship has always been the backbone of the story, and still is in this particular movie.. no toy gets left behind.. and I really have to admit, the ending caused me to shed some tears, sad but happy tears, for Andy and the toys.. the love they shared, the pain of letting go, the happiness of their friendship.. dammit, I cried, with tears falling down my cheeks and a stuffy nose while exiting the movie hall.. two thumbs up to Disney and Pixar for yet another unforgettable movie that touched my heart.. =') you guys never fail to amaze me with your original stories and emotional roller coaster from the beginning till the end of every movie, and I love you because of that..

but I have to admit, I wonder if there would be a Toy Story 4.. hurmmmm, something to ponder about.. (^^,)


feshnie said...

I watched TOY STORY 3 TOO~~~!!!
It was so heartwarming! I cried nostalgic tears too~~ Andy was really [kakkoi] He's going to be popular in college. wth?
Um, well, Toy Story really did mean a lot to us, didn't it? We grew up with them too! (OMG! I might actually be near Andy's age! *spazzes*)
Gyaaah~ I want to see it again~ Actually, I want to see all three Toy Story now!

PS: Bukit Kachi tempatnya keras. Dinding dia concrete. Jaga2 tau.

Just_najmiE said...

did u watch the 3D one or the normal kind?.. wuwuwuwu, tears! (T^T)

yeah, it does.. I think u'd be the same age as Andy, in not, a year or 2 older.. hohoho..

ya ya, memang keras.. (-__-;;


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