Friday, June 11, 2010

pandas are decreasing.. here's what you should do to help increase awareness..

wear a panda hat on your head and act as cute as possible, as it will raise awareness for the decreasing number of pandas around the world..


cause people on the road will look at you twice when you pass by..
eh look, a girl wearing a panda hat while driving a car, that's weird..
omg, the panda is so cute!!
OMG, the girl wearing the hat is wayyyy cuter than the panda!!
boleh macam tu?
that would just defeat the purpose, but what the hell right?..

credit to Feshnie

see, I have now raised awareness for the cute endangered pandas..
thanks to my sister, Khadijah who bought the panda hat when she was in Beijing, China with her husband..
the panda is so cute and fuzzy, you just want to cuddle it and never let go, kan?..
but the panda she saw was asleep as it was noon when she was there..
didn't do much really, but was still nice to watch I'm sure..
Beijing looks really fun, I'd like to go there one day..

regarding the panda hat, we, the sisters always end up fighting over the hat to see who gets to wear it.. childish, but inevitable..
personally, I fight with my youngest sis, Wahida..
she hogs the damn panda for so long, I want to wear it too!

anyway, the pictures (except Kak Ijahs picture) were taken on our way to my cousins akad nikah in Kulim on Thursday.. I didn't go to work that day, and also on Wednesday.. went to Putrajaya and KL to Nuffnang HQ (will make a new blogpost about the experience soon) and also to pick up the rest of my family stranded there, Intan, Aini, Kak Ijah and her hubby Abg Hafiz for the wedding the next day..
long story short, we had a great time, while tiring our butts off in the journey from KL to Sintok Kedah, and Sintok to Kulim the next day..
I was driving on the first part, and truth be told, I was soooooooo tired and sleepy..
good thing we didn't crash, Alhamdulillah..

the wedding went well though..
meet the newly weds, my cousin from my dads side in Johor, Abg Najib and his new wife from Kulim, Kak Ain..
may the both of you have the happiest life possible, and make lots of babies!

credit to Feshnie
dah selamat di ijab kabul kan..

the wedding reception of the brides side in Kulim..
the theme was purple, and I just happened to wear purple that day..
yeah, the newly weds seems a bit stiff and not really holding each other even though after everything was halal already..
oh well, I guess you'd have to get use to it huh?..

coincidence much?..


Hizami Rahim said...

tahniah to ur cousins.
comel la panda tu.
nasib malaysia takde panda.
kecuali di zoo.

Judiene said...

u look tall
how tall are u exactly??
btw, is that ur older sister in orange kebaya??
she looks gorgeous


nizamsani said...

lawa pandanya.hehe.

Just_najmiE said...

zami..yay, panda yang comel!! =D

Just_najmiE said...


I'm actually the tallest among my siblings, 162cm..

yes yes, that is my older sister.. (-__-;;

Just_najmiE said...


panda lawa, org yg pakai panda pun lawa tak?.. =P


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