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how it all went down

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Assalamualaikum and hello awesome peeps! yeah, I know, if based on my previous post, my weekend was supposed to be awesome.. if you haven't read that post, go do that first, coz this is a follow up post.. hohoho.. okay, so you're done reading? so I can continue? you sure? okay? okay!

so my first event on Saturday would've been the Reach Out Youth Volunteer Gathering at Taylor's Uni Lakeside campus where I told you I'd be meeting with Chester See.. coz he was here in Malaysia, and I soooo very much adore his voice and his sense of humour.. yeah, I know, I'm married, but a girl can still have crushes that wouldn't lead to anything too.. hahaha.. don't get get me wrong, I am extremely happy to be married, never forget that.. so where was I? oh yeah, Chester at Taylor's.. so yeah, I never made it to the event.. my husband was not feeling well, he had a slight fever coz his body was quite warm.. he slept till about 10 and he apologized coz he was unable to bring me to the event.. I was quite sad but I'll live.. and hey, the internet (especially Google) is a powerful place! check out Chester performing a new song!

oh my hubby, lapar eh? hehehe.. our next stop was the Big Bad Wolf Booksale at Mines Convention Centre.. the place was craaaaaaazy packed with people! walking an aisle trying to find good books was so hard, and I tend to peek into other peoples boxes or carrying case, just to see if I can spot any interesting books.. but honestly, even though the prices are cheaper than before, the choices just suck, flat out sucks.. they focus a lot on fiction books and stuff, not that interesting.. I spent 1 RM 50 voucher, just to have a shot at the prizes they would give to students who use their BB1M voucher.. I didn't want to waste the vouchers on books that I might never read, so hubby and I left after an hour..

we made our way to Putrajaya for the Ekspo Buku Islam and reached around 6.40pm.. there were quite a lot of choices from different companies and a few caught me and my husbands attention, so we spent RM100 in form of BB1M voucher.. plus there were discounts everywhere, so it was exciting to spend money there.. we also bought CD's of zikir and salawat to be played in the car, you know, to increase our salawat count.. the crowd wasn't that good tho, I guessed it was due to Maghrib time.. I noticed a lot more people came after 7.30pm and the place started to be a bit crowded.. it was nice to see people, especially women, wearing proper clothing that covers their aurah.. :) yeah, not all of them, but it's a start to a great change, if they stay on path, insyaAllah..
ain't this pretty? the hall of the Islamic books is on the right 

so the start of Sunday was at 10am in the morning where I was supposed to attend the Grand Opening of Muslimah Clothing Boutique at Section 7, Shah Alam.. this was a private event, and I PAID for the ticket, and I was allowed to bring another person along.. I asked my sister to come with me, and she said yes.. so Intan was supposed to take the LRT to Sri Petaling and I'd pick her up there and make our way to Shah Alam.. lull and behold, she woke up late and her sis-in-law decided to send her to the train station.. it sounds like a good plan, but not when the driver doesn't even know where the station is! OMG it was a mess! I was freaking out like crazy while my husband tried to calm me down.. I was so stressed when Intan called saying they were lost and were gonna wait at The Store somewhere in Sri Petaling.. honestly speaking, I cried just from sheer frustration (it's that time of the month anyway, soooooo.. :D)

we made it almost in time, Wardina hasn't spoken yet.. pheww!~ after checking in, we took our places at the last row on the right, near the clothes.. actually, not near the clothes, next to them.. the place was already packed with women so there wasn't any choices left anyway.. I found a jar full of these signs so I just snapped some photos while the MC was rambling on about something..  
yes, I've gotten bigger and rounder after marriage, what's your point?

so the event layout was like the photos below.. for me everything was okay, but there were a few things that kinda went wrong that the organizers should have looked into before the event even started.. it's not that I  want to make them look bad, but this is kinda basic in any events.. so those who want to have events, take notes, don't do this..

1) the air-conditioning was not working.. people were sweating their armpits off, especially those far from the fans.. there were mothers who brought along their kids, 1 - 5 years old and they were crying because of the heat.. it was not cool man, not cool at all..
2) the "stage" was not placed on a higher platform.. those at the back (like me) were not able to see the guest speakers and it kinda bothered me.. I mean, I paid to see them, and I can't see them.. what does that say about the program to you?
3) the microphone was faulty.. throughout the whole event, from begin till the end, the mic would break up while the speaker or mc or whoever was talking on it.. I can't focus to everything they say or share, coz the mics were faulty.. is it really that hard to test the mics properly before the program started?
4) the seating arrangement was too close to each other and hard to move in and out of an aisle.. during the break, refreshments were provided which consists of marshmallow and fruits covered in chocolate, cupcakes, biscuits, lollipop, mee hoon goreng, etc.. the food were fine (sort of) but since the seating arrangements were too close to each other, it made it difficult for everyone to take the food then return back to their seats.. plus the seats were also near to the clothes, and I saw a kid hold the clothes with his dirty hands after he ate some marshmallow with chocolates.. I pity the owner of that jubah..

I met Wardina during the break, she's so cute! :) the queue to take pictures with her was so long and being a nice person, Wardina would talk to some of the people, hence making the others waiting to I took photos with her had to hold their breathes.. and it was so freaking hot, without the air conditioning and all.. but Intan sucks with cameras so my picture ended up being blur.. grrrrr!~ 

Wardina left after the break, and Fitri Aulia took over where she shared her ideas and fashion senses.. she also did a demo for shawl wearers.. it was nice and all, but honestly speaking, it was super duper hot in there.. Fitri Aulia was also sweating, you can see the sweat dripping down the sides of her face and she would wipe them away with the back of her hands while doing the demo.. 

in the afternoon around 2PM, the grand opening came to an end meaning the Tubung Labuh Carnival began.. I didn't take any photos coz it was too hot and I was unable to breath properly.. so many people, so little space to walk, still no air conditioning some more.. but I grabbed 2 blouses and a shawl that costs around RM140++ after 30% discount.. the clothes were of high quality, for that I applaud the boutique.. :)

the area at Shah Alam was filled with the boutiques and shops selling muslimah clothings, lots of choices to choose from and the place is filled with blog shops.. I saw RinaSalleh and SugarScarf at the area.. I also found out that HattaDolmat is also there.. hahaha.. so yeah, I'm planning of going there again once my pay is in later on.. hohoho..

till then, have an awesome weekend ahead everyone! ^_^

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