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yesterday is the past..
today is the present..
tomorrow is the future..
the future of technology..
it is quite customary to assume that future means better things..
better products, better quality, better services, etc..
so tell me, what future do you see for your everyday technology?..

for me, I see the future of personalization..
there's two category, and the first one is computers..
come on, who here can live without the technology of computers?..
who, tell me who?..
I for one, cannot live without it..
computers make life easier..
for a student like me, typing assignments on computer is way easier and less time consuming compared to writing it down on a piece of paper..
all mistakes and grammatical errors can be fixed easily..
need to go online?..
no problem!..
connect to the internet via computer..
easy, am I right?..

you must be thinking, where am I going with all this?..
well, I bet everyone here must have a desktop or a laptop at home, at least one set..
some are bulky and some are small..
some are light and some are heavy..
and for students or professionals who are always on the go, you would need to bring your laptop everywhere with you, right?..
so I want to ask you awesome people this..
what if a new kind computer is introduced to your daily life?..
a computer that is easy and light to carry around, that is not space consuming and is trendy as well..
would you be interested?..

lull and behold, the future of computers and personalization..
Google in Goggles!..

it may seam like a harmless pair of glasses, but it's way advance then that!
a holographic screen from the center of the glasses acts as the computer screen, making it less space consuming compared to an LCD screen..
the glasses also has filters that protects your eyes from harmful UV's..
plus you can adjust the distance of the holographic screen from your face, according to your preference..
so where's the keyboard?..
pull out a small folded pen at the steam of the glasses, and walla, a holographic keyboard similar to that of a laptops, complete with track pad appears..
wanna watch a movie, so how about the sounds?..
a built in speaker near your ears covers that up nicely..
no need to bring bulky speakers everywhere you go..
it's hassle free!

hey, it's a neat gadget, am I right?..
with this, you have no more needs of space consuming laptops or desktops..
just bring this out, and you'll be set for the future..
so who's gonna invent this product?..
coz I'm gonna buy this for sure!

the second category is everyday electrical appliance, that can be the future of personalization..
remember in my previous post I mentioned about teleportation?..
well, let's assume that we have finally figured out how the awesome thing works, and we can use it in our lives now..
so I've come out with a product that can benefit families and homes..

a smart refrigerator a.k.a. Smart Fridge (SF)

what makes is a Smart Fridge (SF)?..
it can read and analyze the usually food items you consume and calculate your consumption pattern..
it then analyze the frequency of certain food item purchase and logs it down..
for example, your family drinks milk everyday and you purchase milk from the store every 2 days..
the SF will then log down your data..
it seems like a not so special fridge right?..

well, here's the best feature of this item..
let's say you're almost out of milk and is unable to go out and buy the milk..
the SF who have got your information, will purchase the milk for you..
by teleportation of course!
the SF is linked with a store that does groceries teleportation..
so it will request and buy the items you need for you and the items will be teleportated into your SF..
the bills will then be credited into your SF account..
simple as that!
no more fuel wastage to go to the store and buy the things..
you can just do it from your SF..
if you want to buy other food items that are not previously used, you can just order from the store via SF..
just key in the items you want and the SF will purchase it for you..
isn't that great?
plus, the SF has an added feature, which allows you to put notes on the fridge..
pull out the pen and write on the screen, as simple as that..

and these are just some of my ideas..
I have others, but I don't know how to pen them down..
these items aren't available in the market yet, but who knows what the future holds, right?..
what makes it amazing is, the future has no boundaries..
it can go on and on, the way you want it to be..

so what kind of personalized future do you have in mind?..
care to share?..
shining star~~


Wahida K said...

i don't want to share anything but....

if their is a future like that....i'de be delighted to buy...

hope it is cheap...hihihihihi

Judiene said...

professor najmie
welcome to the year of revolution and technology!

intan said...

Liek Fesh is so totally bummed that you didn't mention she liek drew it but tha's like usual in'it?

Neways, good job on explaining all those stuff and everyone shou'like invent it for people y'know? So keep it up!
Fesh'd like totally help you with another o' your inventions kay? Tha'is after she gets back her laptop and stuff. She liek says we haven't done the mirror yet but she doesn't actually totally get it.
So like, tha's all. Fesh is like the one who totally wrote this shitty comment...she like says sorry or something

Just_najmiE said...


me too! =D

Just_najmiE said...


professor?.. woahhh, AMIN!!~~ XD

Just_najmiE said...

intan a.k.a fesh..

it was sooooooooooooooooooo obvious u were writing this.. hahaha..


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