Wednesday, January 27, 2010

OMG, not again!

Mood : busy

weih, apasal asyik busy ja nih?..
budget macam PM ja nak busy2 kan?..
erm, truth be told, I'm really nervous..
I'm gonna be the MC for MEALCON this Friday and Saturday..
and get this, Dato Mukhriz Tun Dr Mahathir will be there..
I'll be MC-ing in a program where a deputy minister will be there..
really adding to the nervousness..
but it's kinda great that I'll be MC-ing in English, plus there's another person being miserable with me, Mr Aevin!!..
there's 2 MC, so it seems more awesome..
oh, I like the word, AWESOME..
this is what happens when you give a girl who loves the mic to be MC..

despite being busy, I still had a life, but not that much..
went out and met people and stuff..
I also went for horse riding classes around 5pm on most days..
anyway last week, I saw an dear old friend..
really missed talking to him and we chatted like there was no tomorrow!
ok, tipu, kejap ja pun jumpa..
met him coz it was his birthday..
kesian, awek dok Pahang, takleh nak dating eh?..

happy 22nd birthday budak senget Amet!!!

muahahahaha, dah tua weih!

cettt, padahal diri sendiri pun nak masuk 22 dah bulan 4 nih..

alright, I'm off to being busy again..



fitriah said...

dear, goodluck jadi mc tu tau! ;)

HIZAMI said...

gud luck dear!


ur besday bulan 4 ek?

same with mine.


23rd April.


☺[ai][sUmi]☺Chan said...

hepi birthday..
busy sgt ye dear.. lama xtgk kamu blogging.. org mungkin sumi xdpt update??

arekymz membuyau said...

jgn merapu taw mase pegang mic tuh..
kang xpasal2 kang menyanyi lak an..

+kerol+??=KeRoL?? said...

wahh...best2..jd ur best...hehehe....hwaiting!!

feshnie said...

Let the talker do the talking as they say
Best luck with all
make momma proud
or something.

Judiene said...

ape yg bz nyer??
u mc nnt wat cm ala2 u tgh host MTV Show
wat giler cm ellen degeneres sket
sure gempak!!

Ejay said...

it's today la kan?
so how?
harap2 everything goes well...
i know u did great as always

p.s : sorry lambat baca n komen. i was bz like hell too!

EIPUL said...


aku pun bz giler lately. Kem salam 'happy belated birthday' lah ek buat kawan kamu.

All the best untuk event yang kamu bakal jadi MC nanti. =)

Just_najmiE said...


thanks syg!.. (^^,)

Just_najmiE said...


really?.. haha, dekatnya our birthdays.. but I was born a few days earlier, 7th april 88.. so u give a present, i'll give u one too?.. (^^,)

Just_najmiE said...

sis sumi..

a'ah la sis, quite busy these few days.. preparation n everything.. fuhh, penat.. hehehe..

Just_najmiE said...


dowh, mmg menyanyi pun seh!.. hahaha.. tp time rehersal ja la.. hari betul tak nyanyi pun.. nervous la jgk kan.. =P

Just_najmiE said...


haha, thanks!.. (^^,) menambahkan pengalaman kan bagus.. hehe..

Just_najmiE said...


talking has always been my hobby.. ngehahaha.. =P

oh, mum is proud.. I carry her name well.. wheeee~~~ (^^,)

Just_najmiE said...


sadly everything was formal, takleh nk jadi gila2.. hahaha.. takpa2, next time nnt I'll try MTV style.. =P

Just_najmiE said...

abg ejay..

it was ok.. I suck at impromtu tho, like shit, but the rest was ok.. wheee~~~ just glad that's over n done with.. (^^,)

p/s : haha, I understand, no probs..

Just_najmiE said...


apesal start2 kau meow dlu?.. hahaha.. pelik2.. weih, aku rindu dowh kat kau.. nnt aku p blog kau okies..

insyaallah nnt aku passing kat dia eh.. and thanks for the wish!.. (^^,)


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