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HP Future Is Event Review.. one word, AWESOME!!

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so based on my previous post, I'm sure most of you people know that I'm in KL right now and that I went to an HP event at Lot 10 two nights ago..
my bus from Kedah reached KL on the morning of the event btw, and I didn't get much sleep due to the inability to contain my excitement..
I'm going to an event, people, one of the lucky few who got chosen!
that's SUPER exciting!..
bet you guys are dying to know how the event went, right?..
well, are ya?!
wah, already jumping up and down!
so eager!
thanks for the support, people..

so the awesome event that I went to was :-

Future Is - The Online Community Talks About The Future of Things
venue at Rootz Club, Rooftop, Lot 10, KL..
just so you know, it was my very first time inside a night club..
I'm pretty much a night club virgin, LOL..
hey, it's an experience, am I right?..
and it's for a good opportunity anyway..

on my way to the event, I sms-ed a blogger friend of mine who was also invited,
En Fatul..
we're not really that close, but we corresponded a few times since
I won a contest on his blog..
we met at the entrance of the club and clicked from the start..
cute guy, but OMG, tall like a bamboo tree..

good thing I was wearing my heels, so I'm not that short standing next to him..
I signed the attendance sheet and loitered around taking pictures..

HP backdrop..

I even got these awesome freebies, courtesy of HP..
check em out!

meh freebies..

Rootz Club was awesome looking, with really great scenery, being on the rooftop and all..
and the entrance into the club was nice!
mirrors everywhere..
there was a funny incident that happened..
me and fatul, we wanted to go inside the club, but when we went into the entrance hall, we were confused..
oii, where's the door?..
it's just mirrors everywhere, how do we go in?..
turns out the mirrors at the end of the hall was the door..

you have to push it to get in..

so effin simple yet I couldn't figure it out..

if someone didn’t open them, I think I wouldn’t be able to get in..

not lost anymore..

once inside, waiters greeted us with beverages..
which one would you prefer, juice, wine or beer?..
hurm, I thought it was obvious which drink I'd take since I was the only Malay wearing tudung there.. don’t you think it was obvious?..
the inside of the club was laden with rich decorations, and on the table counters were these awesome laptops and PCs from HP..
uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, so nice meh, I want 'em all!!

the event kick started with remarks from the awesome emcee ever, Will Quah..
damn, he's way cuter in person..
we also heard a welcoming speech from Danny Lee, Country General Manager for HP, where he's excited to hear about the online peoples’ views on what the future holds..

Danny Lee..

the panels who were going to share their opinions and values are online bloggers who are influential and have been blogging longer than most people..
maybe I can call 'em popular vintage bloggers, LOL..
the speakers were
Kenny Sia, Jojo Struys, Redmummy, Cynthia and Joyce Wong..
the cute emcee, Will, asked a few questions to the panels where they jumped in and shared their opinions and views with everyone..

things I picked up from the speakers were a lot!
it's an eye opener, a look into the future if you may..
like in 10 years time, how will the technology change our daily lives?..
Joyce gave an opinion where we might not even have to type using the keyboard, things can be said with just our thoughts..
just think of the words and it'll appear on your laptop screen..
blogging by thinking, isn't it awesome?..
saves time and allows us to do other things too..
gosh, I'd love a future like that!
but that's just coz I'm lazy..

the awesome speakers..

one of the questions that I loved was, if you could have a feature in a laptop or desktop, what feature would it be?..
I'd totally agree with Jojo on this, where she mentioned about speed..
have you ever downloaded something from the internet but it takes forever and a day to finish downloading?..
well, I have, and so does Jojo..
if the speed is faster, the time we spend in front of computers are lesser, isn't it?..
better for our health too..
and if there's a laptop or PC out there that offers the speed of lightning processing, I'd definitely buy 'em..
hey, faster speed equals faster results, am I right?

famous online people I met..

another interesting question asked by the cute emcee was, what is the most exciting innovation there is, other than mobile phones, laptops and the internet?..
Kenny loved the aviation industry, since he flies a lot..
Jojo likes internet TV, since she has her own show, Project Alpha..
Redmummy loves the camera, where it evolved from film to digital..
Cynthia loved the GPS system, making life easier and no one would get lost..
but the most interesting opinion was from Joyce, where she shared with us about the teleportation thingy, which is still undergoing improvements..
according to her, teleportation is not a fictional thing anymore and can really evolve the humankind..
think about it..
no more riding cars, buses or whatever kind or transportation, you can just teleport from one place to another..
boy, the time and money it saves!
no more worrying about car fuel, bus fares or traffic jam..
give me that future and I'll never complain again..

Dina spotted in the crowd..

wow, so much good and positive things related to technology..
but, everything good must have a bad side too, isn't it?..
so a blogger on the floor asked the speakers, what are the downside of having too much technology?..
I loved and agreed with Joyce's answer, we have become too reliant on technology..
this doesn't only mean the internet, it even means air conditioning, transportation (LRT, car, bus, etc), and even the escalator..
we just can't seem to live without these technologies in our daily lives that eventually made us rely on it too much, frankly speaking..
it’s a good thing we don’t need the internet to bathe..

if not, everyone would be stinky and smell weird everytime we have internet problems!


an awesome HP laptop on display..

after the speakers have shared their thoughts on the future, the closing speech was given by Low Sin Yip, the Director of Original Equipment Manufacturer for Microsoft Malaysia..

He and Danny Lee also launched a post-party ‘Blog-A-Trend’ contest..

what is this contest about?..

I’ll tell you in my upcoming entry, so watch out for it ok?..

the party official began at 9pm where everyone mingled with each other and checked out the cool HP stuff..

and not to mention, taking piccies with em celebs!


uwaa, same colored clothing la Jojo!


with Redmummy and Jojo..

isn't Will the cutest?..

me checking out the goods..

I even got to know other bloggers that nuffnang invited..

Khairi and Afra..

It’s a really good way to create networking, isn’t it?..


gosh, this event was really, WOW!

I learned a whole lot and had so much fun..

thanks a million to nuffnang for giving me this opportunity..

without you guys, this would just be a dream..

and thanks also to HP & Microsoft for the freebies..

really nice of you..

I’m all teary now..

especially when I receive my HP mini.. *winkwink*

you guys are the best!


*standing ovation*

to all you awesome people out there,

how would you want your future with technology to be?..

what great things do you envision in the future?..

how will your future look like?..

care to share?..









shining star~~


Mr K said...

bazirkan invitation je..

tak apa lah...>,>

HaKha said...

Wow...nice event. :D Im sure it is very useful and informative as well :D

Sharinginfoz said...

happening..... bosan2 singgah le

Fatul Akrul Ramli said...

haha.. bamboo tree yeh..

Ejay said...

seem u had a lot of funs there.
wish i can join u.

ada lg tak event camni eh?

btw, u tak nak blog about after event story ke? if u know what i mean...


Judiene said...

wow, that sound awesome! really!
i wish i could be in party or event like that
full of people, celebs and meet other blogger
you know what, i never met any blogger and i dunno how its gonna be if it happen one day

Tian Chad @ 永遇乐 said...

Harlo Najmie, now I know your name =D
I am impressed with your spirit of coming to KL from Kedah for this event~!

Good uck to be the top 3 ya =)

Just_najmiE said...

Mr K..

takpa la, nnt ada lagi contest nuff.. byk peluang lagi kan?.. (^^,)

Just_najmiE said...


yeap, useful, informative and AWESOME! XD

Just_najmiE said...


happening gila! hehe.. ok, will do.. (^^,)

Just_najmiE said...


ketinggian anda sgt best.. haha..

Just_najmiE said...

abg ejay..

the best night ever.. lotsa thing I learn from them, and got to see and touch the future, the HP future..

tak tau la plak ada lg atau tak event mcm nih.. tgk nuff la.. hehe..

owh, that story eh?.. hahaha.. will do but after this la, insyaallah.. sabar k.. haha..

Just_najmiE said...


yes, the awesomest event I've ever been to.. seriously! you've got to be there to feel the full excitement.. (^^,)

never met another blogger yet?.. really?.. then we should meet each other in the near future.. so what do u say?.. hehe..

Just_najmiE said...

Tian Chad @ 永遇乐..

hello2!! welcome to my humble blog.. (^^,)

nuffnang and HP gave me an opportunity not to be missed, so I must grab it!.. hehe.. thanks for dropping by.. and good luck to u too! =)

Wahida K said...

i want to learn with computer at school...that would be fun

i want my future to be clean....less trash , green world.....

i would like a world full of good people...

Catherine @ Soo Khoon said...

hey there. thanks for visiting my blog and leaving your comment. replied!

and btw, you've managed to take so many photos with the celebs... too bad i dont have a camera and i left early... and sayang la i didnt get to meet you and actually talk to you. anyway, hopefully we can meet for the next nuffnang event. :)

Khairi said...

Hailaaaa... sorry bz tadi baru masuk ini. Aku takmo komen kat fatul sbb dia tak mention aku hahahaha.

Anyway, all the best girl. It is just awesome! You were awesome there <-- ayat bodek sbb bagi gmbr ehsan kat aku hehehehehe.

takdelah, korang berdua mmg best.

feshnie said...

Interesting post. Good luck with teh prize

Credits? ;A;
I slept like a drooling log because of you y'know.

fitriah said...

bestnye! jeles!

+kerol+??=KeRoL?? said...

bgus lar awk sronok n gud luck 4 the prize..anywy...teknologi ms dpn bg sy ialah...hmmm...laptop yg senipis kertas...xperlukn screen and mudah utk dibawak mrata2 tmpt utk buat keje..sbb laptop sy skng nie sgt berat...susah nk bwk merata2...huhuhu..

Just_najmiE said...


cool envisions.. learning with computers is already practiced in some school, but not all.. we should all learn with a computer, shouldn't we?.. (^^,)

Just_najmiE said...

Catherine @ Soo Khoon..

no problem!.. can't wait to read ur full review.. hehe.. yeah, maybe we can talk at another event.. say hi if u see me ya..

good luck to the both of us.. (^^,)

Just_najmiE said...


dia pun tak mention aku kat blog dia.. sgt hampes kan?.. hahaha.. no problem! good luck to the both of us ok?.. (^^,)

Just_najmiE said...


ahahaha, sorry2! to everyone reading this post.. ALL THE PICTURES WERE EDITED BY MY SISTER, AINI A.K.A FESHNIE.. isn't she just awesome?.. (^^,)

Just_najmiE said...


terlampau best!.. (^^,)

Just_najmiE said...


uwaaa, senipis kertas dan tak perlukan screen n keyboard! best2.. betul tuh, laptop sy pun berat skrg.. klau dpt HP Mini tu mesti ringan.. hehe.. thanks for sharing ur thoughts!.. (^^,)

+kerol+??=KeRoL?? said...

wahhh...nk HP ,ini trus..hehehe..mahal tau x??b'jimat skit..hehehe...

wan2911 said...

siap dapat belon besar tu eh? hehe
betul ke die ade hidang beer skali?

Just_najmiE said...


mana da mahal, ok what price dia dgn fungsi2 yg dia sediakan.. hehehe..

Just_najmiE said...


belon besar hanyalah hiasan, klau bwk balik, tak muat dlm kereta.. hahaha.. =P

a'ah, ada beer skali sbb ada non muslims kan.. lagipun kelab, mesti ada minumam keras.. takpa, sy minum juice ja.. hehe..

Silverleaf said...

how shud i say this..hmmm.."WOW!!!!!"....lucky u....

Just_najmiE said...


yeap, I'm lucky.. hehe..


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