Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy 2010~~ (^^,)

Mood : Juvenal

31st December 09 was a tiring day for me..
classes non-stop from 8am till 2pm..
breakfast and lunch was skipped, due to not enough time to eat..
I know, it's not good for my health, don't lecture me..
but I was also hyped, coz my 2nd horse riding class was at 5 pm..
yeah, more time to spend with Martina!
and this time, there's no leash..
just me and her, and I'm controlling the reins..
plus I was ok enough to ride in the bigger field..
walaweih, only the second class and I'm riding with the big boys and girls!

yes, my helmet was askew..
think of it as the new fashion in horse riding..

azlan, a staff in UUM was also taking lessons yesterday..
and he asked me to upload his picture..
nah, there you go!
the others are in Facebook..

he's 24..
I dunno whether to call him abg or not..
hurmm, maybe not..

and this is my instructor for the day, Abg Wan..
he's nice..
and cute..
and nice..

after all the riding, I was privileged to give Martina a bath..
more bonding time for us..
she's my horse now, means I have to take care of her..

ok, perhaps too much bonding..

for more pictures, please CLICK HERE..
all pictures are credited to my sisters, Kak Ijah and Wahida..

so back to the tittle of this post..
I would like to wish everyone here a happy 2010..
how did you guys celebrate last night at 12?..
I did the most wonderful thing imagined,
sleeping and drooling on my bed!
the last day of 2009 was a tiring but fun filled day for me..
how was your last day?..

and I would like to thank Chin Yin Tan for this quote of hers I took in Facebook..
just something I wanna share with you guys..

The year is gone but it has also made us strong.The path was long but we walked it with a song.There were fears and tears but we also had reasons for cheers.Wishing everyone happy memories of 2009 and have a wonderful 2010.

HAPPY 2010 everyone!!
shining star~~


feshnie said...

Happy New Years!!!
It's a good reason to Spam people's inbox with good wishes~! Like what I'm doing~

I spent New Years Eve in front of the internet, wishing everyone New Years and waiting for the newest hetalia arts from Himaruya-sama!


sHaH said...

g bonding ngan kuda atau g bonding ngan instructor kuda?

ni yg b tak ske nih..


Nabiel said...

hepy new year najmie!!..hehehe
aippp..cuci ape kt blkg kude tuh??
jgn kne tndg suda~hahaha

lieya orange M.I. said...

...hyeee...akhirnyer jumpa juga kita kat uum ek...kecik jer uum ni...heheee

...btw, happy new year 2010...
...bestnyer dpt naik kuda selalu...teringin la, takutttt...=p

Just_najmiE said...


hetalia!!!! but I still don't understand the whole thing tho.. =P

Just_najmiE said...


ngahahaha.. tulah, dah ajak kan, b yg tak nk join pegi blajar naik kuda.. =P

Just_najmiE said...


happy 2010! ngah membasuh menda2 yg kotor ja.. hahaha.. insyaallah tak kena tendang..

Just_najmiE said...

lieya orange M.I..

hahaha, tulah, tak disangka kan?.. ala, join la blajar naik kuda, best tau..

happy 2010 to u too!!

k.A said...

bonding dgn instructor

Ejay said...

happy new year 2010...!

cik EPAL said...

best tu naik kuda :D

Wahida K said...

happy new year to you!!


nak naik lagi.....wuwuwuwuwuwuwu~~~

Just_najmiE said...


mana ada, bonding dgn kuda la.. (-__-;;

Just_najmiE said...

abg ejay..

happy 2010 abg!.. (^^,)

Just_najmiE said...

cik Epal..

tersangat best!.. hohoho..

Just_najmiE said...

wahida k..

soh umi bayaq, n we can ride together into the sunset.. ngehehe.. =P

Eyriqazz said...

Slamat tahun baru...teringin nak naik kuda..

Great Teacher Onizuka

+kerol+??=KeRoL?? said...

hepi new year...hmm...hati2 naik kuda..n jgn nakal2..huhuhu...

Just_najmiE said...


teringin?.. cuba lah, sgt best.. (^^,)

Just_najmiE said...


happy 2010.. baikkkkk.. (^^,)


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