Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Mood : missing you..

there are times when you stop for a moment, and look back on your life, and ask..

was my life great?..
did I impact anyone with my actions?..
was I a good daughter/son to my parents?..
did I do the best in everything I did?..

honestly speaking, the time for me to think all of these, is now..
and I don' think I did all that well..
I'm afraid now..
of what the past will do to my future..
will my future be ruined by my past?..
it really is bothering me..

but then..
I take a deep breath, and exhale..
there's nothing to worry about..
the past is the past..
there is nothing I can do about it, except learn from my mistakes..
and the future is still up ahead, ready to be painted..
what am I waiting for then?..
for the present..
to take in everything around me and cherish it, now, in the present..
coz sometimes, I think too much of my past or future..
that I forget to live in the present..
coz the real special present I can give myself is..


a friend of mine once said,
we're only young once, so live it to the fullest by doing things you love to do..
don't you think he's right?..

life is beautiful..
stop and cherish the moment, the people around you..
the things you take for granted..
the people you take for granted..

my niece, Quratul Ain..

p/s :- this post is dedicated to someone special..
live in the present my dear, don't worry too much on the future..
Allah already has His plans for you..

destiny awaits..
shining star~~


fitriah said...

missing who? heeee :P

imHepPie said...

mood..missing u 2..

miss oren said...

ur niece sangat comel
nama pun sangat canteq

Just_najmiE said...


hehehe, it's a secret.. (^^,)

Just_najmiE said...


eh, camana ko tau aku rindu kat ko?.. pakai ramalan ahli nujum kat FB ek?.. hahahaha..

Just_najmiE said...

miss oren..

yeap, dia sgt comel mcm Mak Teh dia.. =P

GreenKhadijah said...

i'm also curious...who are you dedicating it to?

messyremo said...

Quratul Ain..

sedap nama tu..hehe

intan said...

i think i know to whom u are referring this post to..

Silverleaf said...

she's so cute....

Just_najmiE said...


errr, it's a secret..

Just_najmiE said...


yeah2.. sangt comel kan?.. hehehe..

Just_najmiE said...


shhhhhh!! it's a secret!!

Just_najmiE said...


everyone is missing the point of the entry.. haishh...

yeah, she is cute.. (^^,)

Anonymous said...

misssssssinggg3x???? ^_^

Just_najmiE said...


missing apa tu?.. hehehe..

Razman said...

tak sbar menunggu budak itu cukop umo utk djdikan awek..

Ejay said...


Anonymous said...

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Just_najmiE said...


hahaha, by that time you'll already be old.. (^^,)

Just_najmiE said...

abg ejay..

you're welcome.. (^^,)

Just_najmiE said...

IM curtain..

thanks for dropping by..

Wahida K said...

this post touch my feelings....
who are u dedisating too?
i wanna know....

Just_najmiE said...

wahida K..

awww, really?.. good then.. hehe..
it's for someone.. (^^,)

GreenKhadijah said...

hahahaha...it became so obvious when that someone said tq...

:) Smile Always

Max J. Potter said...

ponderable, if the word exists. good one.

Just_najmiE said...

Green Khadijah..

hahaha.. busted! =P

smile always too.. (^^,)

Just_najmiE said...

Max J. Potter..

thank you..


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