Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Why Women Choose To Stay Single

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the first part is ramblings from yours truly..
skip to second part if you want until my essay related to todays post..


I have successfully presented my Process Writing essay yesterday..
wheww, one thing I don't have to think about anymore..
now I can focus on my finals..
it was my first presentation since I became a student in UUM..
I didn't even prepare myself fully with practice or anything..
I did my best with the little practice I did..
my lecturer did praise me,
"Good job, Khairun.. very interesting topic.."
ok, Khairun nama aku yang sangat feminin lagi skema..
panggil aku Najmie tau, macho sket..
but overall, my presentation was the best among the rest..

because everyone else's presentation SUCKS!!
the level of presentation at my Diploma level in Mara Professional College, Malacca was wayyyyyyyyyy better than this..
it's called a presentation, where you present the facts about your essay in easily understood formats such as slides, pictures, or graphs on power point or OHP projector..
the key word here is 'easily'..
do you think it is easy for people if you post up your whole essay on ONE transparent slide with your scrawny writings?..
or reading from your text without making eye contact with anyone in your audience?..
or tilting your body from left to right and left again while presenting?..
or talking to your paper?..
or using minimal sound system?..
or poor visual aids?..

macam ni ka level presentation budak2 universiti?..
langsung takdak preparation, body language pun teruk..
30 markah presentation baii, kau buang macam tu ja..
really really poor presentation skills..
and they're all in semester 3..
tak kan takdak langsung pengalaman present?..
tipulah kau!
aku yang baru sem 1 boleh buat lagi bagus dari kau..
kawan2 aku kat kolej dulu present lagi bagus baiiii..

and there were these guys who were really disrespectful and rude to the lecturer..
kurang ajar la kau, Aris and Tong..
bodoh la lu..
kau benci lecturer tu pun, dia yang akan grading kau..
kalau kau buat jahat kat dia, apa faedah yang kau dapat?..
ohh, kau mungkin suka repeat paper kan?..
sumpah, kau memang lelaki bodoh..
harap muka ja hensem..


okay, enough ramblings about people who don't even love the benefits of carry marks..
I wanna share with you awesome people, my essay that I submitted with the topic as mentioned in the title,

Why Women Choose To Stay Single

Nowadays, more and more women remains to be or prefers to be single in their late 20’s, 30’s and onwards. Why? Here are the three common reasons why some women choose to stay single; family or parental obligation, not having to deal with cheating men, and expanded career options.

First of all, women choose to stay single due to family or parental obligation. Some cannot marry because they feel the need to attend to either one or both sick parent or sibling. Others allocate their time and money to support the education of their younger siblings. This involves a certain degree of commitment and some choose to prioritize their family and set aside their personal life which is why they remain single.

Second of all, the fear of men who cheat. Cheating men can destroy the trust factor in relationships. Past relationships with men who cheat is one of the reasons why women stay single. According to the original Kinsey Reports (1953/1998), around 60 percent of men said they were unfaithful to their spouses before the age of 40, compared with 30 percent of women. Those numbers have remained pretty much the same in subsequent studies. A woman who wants to get into a relationship with a man tends to only do so after he turns 40 to avoid being cheated by.

Another reason why women choose to stay single is because of wanting to expand their career. More women today are focusing on developing their careers rather than relationships. Career accomplishments bring them a strong sense of self-reliance, which enables them to focus on education and bettering themselves. According to Science Careers magazine (2005), one reason that women might have less confidence than men in their careers is the pressures that they face in raising a family. And many women choose a fulfilling career over a committed relationship today because they now have the freedom to make that choice. When they are in relationships, they often feel pressured to focus on their families instead.

While marriage may provide certain benefits, when you choose to stay single due to family or parental obligation, not having to deal with cheating men, or expanding career options, you're keeping the door open for many more options and opportunities in your life. Therefore, being single is now a choice.

so what do you guys think?..
single in the text above means women who choose to not get married yet, not the normal couple relationship case..
but the second point is quite relevant in the couple case la..
men cheat a lot, you know?..
susah nak jumpa lelaki yang setia..
so mana2 lelaki yg jenis setia, sila kontek aku..

and I want to get married, I don't want to stay single forever..
nak anak sendiri yang comel macam dia kat atas..

shining star~~


imHepPie said...

nnti kalo ada lebey dr 1 lelaki setia yg kontek ko..pass kt aku 1 eh haha

☺[ai][sUmi]☺Chan said...

sumi jugak!! hihi~

sumi tergolong dlm golongan ke dua la.. penah kene..

Igniz said...

research has shown that no matter how confused a man can be, he will eventually get back on the right track. i think this one supports your second point that says men cheat until they turn 40 (that age is the right moment to get back on track i guess? :P)

and research has also shown that women cheat less than men, but when they (women) do, they cheat and keep cheating, and nobody knows when they are going to stop. hehe. i think this can be made as the fourth point; women stay single because they do not want to have to stay loyal to one relationship. don't u think so?hehehe;P

anyway, i read about this a long time ago. it was an article. i can't remember the title nor validate its truth. nice post:)

Igniz said...

Umm.."i read about this a long time ago" refers to the 'research' that i mentioned. not your post, ok? lately a lot of people have misunderstood my words..don't want u to feel the same. :P

fitriah said...

nak jugak yg setia. heee

Ejay said...

brilliant!! over the top!

kalo essay ni nak publish kat Reader's Digest pun xde hal punyer lah.

really proud of u.

Just_najmiE said...


sorang pun belum ada laa, camana nk passing meh?..

Just_najmiE said...


sama la dgn najmie.. been cheated on too.. T__T

Just_najmiE said...


what research were u talking about?.. can I have the referral link?.. I'd like to read it, sounds intriguing..

ok, if the research is valid, then it could be the forth point la kot..

thanks for the comment.. (^^,)

Just_najmiE said...


don't worry, everything was crystal clear.. hehe..

Just_najmiE said...


don't we all.. (^^,)

Just_najmiE said...

abg ejay..

erk, published kat Readers Digest?.. it's not that good la, biasa2 ja.. huhu..

thank u.. (^^,)

ezany said...

part1 tu mostly sbb kurang keyakinan diri dan malas nak prepare.. hehe..

oo.. bkn pompuan single sbb nak enjoy ker.. takut nnt kena kongkong pulak kalau dah ade boyfren..

Just_najmiE said...


30 markah, burn mcmtu ja.. ish2..

ermm, tu mungkin boleh diaplikasikan utk kategori couple la.. klau kawen, tak practical sgt reason tu..

messyremo said...

aku nk komen yg pasal present tu..

aku pun nyampah gak budak2 yg buat kepala bongok cmtu..

bajet best..
tau la mmg diorg tu mmg tak best..
saje nk tunjuk macho la konon..
pigi dah~~


Just_najmiE said...


ohh, kau sama dengan aku!.. geng weih!.. hehehe..

Shairazi Saidin said...

I do loyal girl.

destiny of me said...

same prob here...
bdak2 kpm present is way much better...
congrats kpm 4 built us to be better than others......

Just_najmiE said...

shairazi saidin..

if u are, then it's good.. congratulations!.. (^^,)

Just_najmiE said...

destiny of me..

totally!.. but I'm quite sure not everyone in UUM sucks at presentation like my process writing class..

yeap, KPMM rocks!! XD XD

Anonymous said...

Hello from Russia!
Can I quote a post "No teme" in your blog with the link to you?

Just_najmiE said...

woah, Russia?.. hello from Malaysia!!

yeah sure, I'd be faltered if u do so.. (^^,)

err, what does "No teme" mean?..


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