Wednesday, October 28, 2009

supernatural things are real!!

Mood : missing you..

ok, this entry was actually a somber one where I tell you guys that I'm stressed and wanna take a break from blogging..
but I was YM-ing with my bro, abg Ejay just now and I got my mood back..
I told him MY ghost story..
a true story that happened to me when I was 18, during the year 2006..
wanna know what happened?..



it happened during my KPMM orientation in july 2006..
we had to go into a jungle, Hutan Simpanan Ayer Keroh, Malacca..
supposed to stay for 3 days 2 nights..
tp first night dah huru hara..
mlm tu, around 11, the ajk's told everyone that we were gonna play the game 'burung hantu'..
this game is played whereby they leave students at one place for a certain time alone, all by themselves..
the idea itself was scary, let alone living through it..
and to top it off, there were spreading rumours of people dying in the forest..
cam siot ahh, abes students pompuan scared..
nak dijadikan cerita, there was this girl, Jannah..
she has the gift to see ghosts..
so masa ajk's were rounding up students to start the activity, Jannah started screaming and running madly into the forest..
everyone else was spooked, some started crying and others prayed for their lives..
and then we suddenly heard something that made all our hairs at the back of our necks stand up..
we heard................

sumpah, seram gila!!
meremang bulu roma time tu..
some of the ajk's finally caught Jannah before she ran too deep into the forest..
she was screaming hysterically, you should have heard her..
omg, serious takut!!
so the ajk's n lecturers called off the activity and ordered everyone to sit under the tent and recite yasin..
I couldn't pray at that time, making me un-clean and a target for supernatural beings since I'm vulnerable..
so my groupmates gathered around me and 2 others who couldn't pray..
they recited yasin..
I wasn't afraid, becoz my grandma told me,
if you show fear, it'll attract 'them'..
so I was being brave..
but my head was starting to feel heavy..
I asked one of the ajk's for panadol, and he gave me 2..
I swallowed them but my headache wouldn't go away..
so I sat quietly, listening to my friends recite yasin..
my friend next to me, Nadia, was holding my hands, and her hands were ice cold and trembling with fear..

I remembered telling her what my grandma told me, but I never finished the sentence..
all I said to her was..
'nenek aku cakap, kau takleh tunjuk yg kau takut.. kalau tak.....'
and then I paused..
my friend asked, 'kalau tak, apa?..'
but I never responded, I kept quiet, and looked down..
nadia touched my shoulder.. 'najmie, kau ok tak?..'
she shook me.. 'najmie!.. kau ok tak nih?.. jawab la!..'
a smile slipped onto my lips, I turned my head and looked at her..
'NAJMIE!!!.. bangun la najmie!!!'
she started slapping me, but the creepy smile was still there on my face..
an ajk, kak Maria, came to me, and talked to me..
'najmie, bangun najmie.. jgn buat akak mcm nih..'
she slapped me a couple of times..
I can still remember the stinging on my face, but no words were uttered from my mouth..
'najmie, mengucap najmie!.. sebut nama Allah!.. ingat Allah, najmie!..'
.............. silence .............
again, more slapping..
gosh it hurts!

suddenly, the whole tent went haywire!
8 people were posessed at the same time!!..
high pitch screaming could be heard, and also a few growls..
all the others who weren't possessed started to run away, back to their tents, screaming like mad from fear..
the guys stayed back, helping with things like holding down the posessed, and taking turns untuk azan kat telinga..
what happened to me?..
yes, you guessed it right, I was also possessed..
but the funny thing was, I can still remember everything vividly..
because I was conscious while I was possessed..
guess the ghost wasn't strong enough to overpower me completely..
I was aware of everything, but have no control over my body..
masa kak maria suruh mengucap, I wanted to, I even opened my mouth..
but I couldn't utter anything, and I forgot how to mengucap..

all i wanted to do was run away..
the feeling of wanting to run was so empowering in me..
to run into the woods and never come back out..
that's what I felt when I was being possessed..
6 guys had to hold me down and restrain me from getting up..
I was trashing all over the place, wanting to be released..
I screamed and kicked and fought everyone who held me..
I wanted to RUN!!!
let me go!!!
after a while, everything in my body went limp..
and I started seeing stars..
I was so exhausted I could barely lift a finger..
Kak Maria and Nadia who had been fatihfully at my side helped me up and fed me some water and bread..
seems like I was the first to snap out of being possessed..
gosh, I guess I'm strong after all!

after the incident, everyone was really protective of me..
the guys who held me down sat with me and accompanied me..
but truthfully, they just wanna be there for me in case I was re-possessed..
they told me that I nearly got away because I was so strong..
oii, mestilah, 3 tahun dok ber-Taekwondo kot..
and they shared some jokes with me to take my mind off the other possessed people who were screaming and the sound of Azan in the tent..
everytime I kept quiet and looked disconnected from the world, they'd pull me back into the conversation..
'so najmie, awak dah ada pakwe belum?..'
'awak, awak minat sapa, dia ka saya?.. sapa lagi hensem?..'
'awak dahaga tak?.. nih air untuk awak.. minum tau, nnt awak lebih bertenaga..'
oh my friends, thanks for caring about me, you guys are the best!


so that's my real ghost story..
I never actually saw the ghost that possessed me, but my friend, Jannah did..
she said there were loads of them there in the woods, all scary looking and preached on the trees, looking at us with their red beady eyes..
the night that she screamed and ran away was because a ghost was chasing her..
hey, wouldn't you run if you see it too?..
all the above is true, i'm not lying..

after this incident, I sometimes get visits from these 'supernatural things'..
they never show me their faces, they just come to me in my dreams and bother me..
siot betul..
how do they bother me?..
well, that's another story..

oh, this is just a selingan..
I will update later about my convo..
don't worry, you'll get to see me in my convo robe..
till then,
take care awesome people!!
shining star~~


intan said...

i've been into that kind of situation before (same as your story) except for my friends about 7 to 10 person recite the yasin for happen to me at langkawi when i'm in semester 2.but the rumors spread till i get to semester 4...malu kot! hehhe anyway great ghost stories u got there!

miss oren said...

naseb baik tak kene makan ngn hantu kongkang..hahahah

Silverleaf said...

huuuuuuuuuuuuuu....seb bek najmie x buat flying kick mase kene rasuk tuh....

Anonymous said...

ape perasaan anda bile di rasuk? besh tak?

imHepPie said...

fuhh gila btol...dahla aku nih spesies pnakut gile

DH said...

Betul ap yg najmie ckp..
Jgn sesekali tunjukkan kita takut..
Bukan nak brag ker apa...
Tapi hantu ni actually mcm budak kecik lelaki..
suka mengusik..
Bayangkan kalau seorang budak perempuan takut pada seekor cicak..
Budak lelaki tu akan bagi cicak kat dia ker tidak?

ezany said...

very creepy.. hehe.. soalan yg budak laki tu tny tak jawap ker..

k.A said...


alhamdulillah sy belum pernah terserempak dgn benda2 tu.huhu.janganlah. :D

fitriah said...

seyes takot!

Ejay said...

phew.. nasib baik kopipes part dia cerit aje


kalo kopipes part abg yg mengarut tu...
i have to kill u! gagaga

Just_najmiE said...


really?.. how come I didn't know?.. haishh..

Just_najmiE said...

miss oren..

hantu konkang tu camana?.. hoho..

Just_najmiE said...


ada kot, coz I remembered kicking someone.. hahaha..

Just_najmiE said...

♥ayudeadwish♥ ..

sgt memenatkan.. rasa bdn terus lemah longlai.. tak best langsung.. huhu..

Just_najmiE said...


eh, ya ka?.. kalau ko ada time aku kena rasuk tu, ntah2 ko pun kena apa.. hoho..

Just_najmiE said...


kebetulan Jannah bgtau, smua hantu yg datang kacau kiteorg time tu smua spesis jantan.. huhu..

Just_najmiE said...


sangat creepy.. eh, soklan apa?.. hehehe.. dah jawab dah, tp malas nk tulis sini.. =P

Just_najmiE said...


mmg scary.. tu lah, mintak simpang dr jumpa n tgk muka spesis nih.. seram woh, kang takleh tido kang.. huhu..

Just_najmiE said...


baca sampai habes tak?.. hehehe..

Just_najmiE said...

abg ejay..

mula2 ingat nak copy paste semua, tp mcm tak relevant plak, so just copied the related parts ja la.. hehe..

cehhh, abg sanggup ka kill me?.. (^^,)

HIZAMI said...


sy sgt fun bace cite u.

sgt2 bez!


my eyes tak kelip2 w0keyh tyme bace cite u neh.


sgt bez!


Shairazi Saidin said...

hell no!! that's so scary...

+[kerol]+ said...

hehehe....apa lar yg dak2 kolej awk dh buat kt sna smpai bnda2 2 kaco awk n ur yg slalu kuar msuk hutan pun alhamdulillah xt'jd bnda2 cm2...just kna kaco skit2 jer...nie msti ada sumone who has done sumthing yg buatkn bnda 2 my faculty..kitorg ada mcm satu amalan...jgn buat bnda yg bukn2 or plik2 kt hutan..klu x,jmin kna kaco...huhuhu..

Wahida K said...

your story in here is much scarier than when u said it come?


my school have a camping trip to gua kerbau,perlis .... ustaz tu punya tak mau kami kami takut....tapi dia yg dok kata nnt kat sana jgn..... jgn...
and some jgn..... lepastu dia pulak yg kata kat dlm gua tu ada hantu lah... penunggu lah...
buat plajar takut lagi ada la...

well nasib baik wahida x pegi....

dah la wahida ni jenis penakut...

Just_najmiE said...


omg, really??! XD XD
didn't think I was any good.. my story is based on what really happened to me.. thanks for the compliments.. (^^,)

Just_najmiE said...

Shairazi Saidin..

hehehe, guess it was.. =P

Just_najmiE said...


alaa, budak2 kan, mesti la bising2 dalam hutan tuh.. so mungkin our noise bothered them, and they wanted to have some fun with us.. whatever it was, it wasn't my fault!! XD XD

Just_najmiE said...

wahida k..

really?.. scarier?.. hehehe.. maybe because the way I storied it made u able to picture it in ur head.. hehehe...


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