Sunday, April 12, 2009

I feel so lazyyyyyyyyy~~~

Mood : lazyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

what to do??..
i'm so freaking lazy nowadays that it bugs me that i'm so lazy..
but i'm also lazy to do anything about being lazy..
talk about a problem..

anyways, my pockets are quite dry now..
i'm out of money..
bummer actually..
wanted to go out and find a job, but being so freakishly lazy, i decided against it..
maybe i should start an online business or something..
hurm, gotta think about that Clickbanks thing my mum talked about..
maybe i'll get some money through there..
i'm so broke!!!

on an unrelated topic, i went out n captured some pictures yesterday..
i'll post some up later..
well, that's all i guess..
shining star~~


feshnie said...

Gaah...I feel lazy as well.
We should go exercise out once in a while.
I'm gettin too much fat from all this indoor activities.
and please hurry with clickbank

sweet_knk said...

laziness attacks....
not much i can do..

Anonymous said...

u know me... just dropping by to correct something u misspelled. When u said 'when' i think u meant 'went'...
:) Smile Always...

sweet_knk said...

thanks 4 da insight!!
didn't see that..


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