Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Mood : Stuffed~~

I just finished eating mee hoon and pulut kuning..
sedap weihh!!..
so full right now.. (^^,)

anyways, here are pictures of my birthday feast on the eve of my birthday..

my chocolate blueberry cake.. i'm not really a fan of blueberry but this cake was quite tasty.. my name is written in Korean.. cool innit?..

me with Super Juniors 3rd Album..

me... posing.. need I say more?..

just wanted to share it with you guys..
shining star~~


Anonymous said...

sedap nye kek..bak la sket..kedekut laa

chibi_feshnie said...

nk kek ka?..
leh2... tp leh tgk ja laa...
sbb dh abes...

feshnie said...

...and you said my writing sucks...

sweet_knk said...

no comment..


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