Wednesday, April 15, 2009

why I like you~~

Mood : hungry~~

who knew i could feel unlazy suddenly huh?..

well, yesterday a snake entered the house through the back door..
i just saw it once..
just a harmless 'ular daun'..
it was green, quite small..
i didn't take a picture coz.. well... it's just green..

moving on..
yesterday, i felt unlazy and went to the kitchen and cooked!!
talk about a turn of events..
i just cooked something simple..
ayam masak kicap and vegetables..
tastes quite good actually.. sedap weihh!!
i took a picture as proof..

looks tasty doesn't it?.. hahaha..

anyways, recently I bought a new handphone..
it's awesome, coz it acts as an mp3 for me..
and i'm like, so loving this phone..
here's a photo..

Sony Ericsson w350i..
i was currently listening to Mirotic by DBSK.. awesome sound system..

my sister is at the back, being a stalker..
but there was a sad story concerning this phone..
my sister spilled water on it.. (T.T)
i used hairdryer in the attempt to dry it, but i don't know if it really works..
*sob sob*

anyways, here's a picture of the scenery around campus..
it was a sea of yellow flowers..

i didn't edit this yet.. but it's ok i guess..
i'll edit it and post it up later..

anyways, i'm off..
being lazy again..
shining star~~


feshnie said...

What! Gosh! I said I was sorry already
It looked dry when I left it there

sweet_knk said...

it was wet............ (T.T)

feshnie said...

Well, looks can be deceiving

and lunner(lunch+dinner) was great

sweet_knk said...

it was wettttttttttttt......

of course it was..

feshnie said...

At least you can still use it
It's not like it got totally soaked in the water

sweet_knk said...

it was still wet!!!

Silverleaf said...

ohhh...still using the same phone?

Just_najmiE said...

nope, already changed it.. using a Sony Ericsson w395 now.. (^^,)


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