Friday, April 3, 2009


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yesterday was 2nd April 2009, my mum's birthday!!.. (^^,)

happy birthday mum!!
i hope u liked your surprise dinner party!!..

and before that was 1st April, Uncle Syamsul's birthday, which we celebrated at a hotel..
it was planned as a surprise party by Uncle Syamsul's wife..
she secretly called my mum and invited us over to EDC Hotel..

he was quite surprised when my family sang 'Happy Birthday' to him..
we ordered foods, mine was spaghetti bolognise or something.. tastes quite nice actually..

i sat next to Maesha, uncle's daughter..
wait.. i think i failed to mention that they're not from Malaysia..
they're foreigners!!.. awesome ain't it?

neways, Maesha goes to my former high school, SMK Jitra, so in a far away way, she's my junior..

she's currently in Form 3 but she's only 14 years old..
awesome huh?.. (^^,)
since she's a foreigner, she's not able to talk or understand much Malay..
good thing there were some people there to help here with her studies..

anyways, after the dinner, we cut the cake and surprised uncle with another 'Happy Birthday' song in Korea..

it was a fun party non-the-less.. (^^,)
we came back home around 10pm with smiles on our faces..
and went to bed with full stomachs..

so once again,
happy birthday to Uncle Syamsul on 1st
happy birthday to my dearest mum on 2nd April..
as we near to 7th April, i will be the next in line to turn a year older..

here are some shots of the party..

party people.. (^^,)

birthday boy or guy??..

before dinner..

us siblings with Maesha..

shining star~~


feshnie said...

I had so much fun there~ XD
Oh, I linked back to this post from my blog.
I didn't feel like writing my own POV of this event.
Too lazy to get pics -_-;;
Hopes you don't mind.
Do you still remember how to say Happy Birthday in their language?

sweet_knk said...

oiii... snatcher... hahaha..
nahh, i don't mind..
erm, i kinda forgot, but i wrote it down somewhere.. on mum's book i think..

feshnie said...

go find it


sweet_knk said...

lazy.... (-.-;;


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