Thursday, April 9, 2009

I just learned Photoshop..

Mood : giddy~~

i'm not saying that I'm stupid or anything, but i learned how to photoshop pictures now..
yay me!!.. (^^,)
and I'm also not ashamed to say that i learned it by observing my little sister edit pictures in there..
i think she's quite awesome, my lil sis..

anyways, this is a picture i edited using photoshop..
it's not that pretty but I'm quite proud of it, being my first time and all.. (^^,)

gonna figure out how to put frames later..
shining star~~


feshnie said...

Thank you for the praise, kekeke.
The pic turned out okay
but your watermark is a bit obscured
you should probably try doing it on a black background like the one I did but I used a lower opacity so that the whole pic would still show. Or maybe you could use a lighter colour for the letters.

As for the frame; you can do a solid background and...perhaps I'd just show you? Later perhaps?
Or you would like to figure out on your own.
Then you can teach me your style and we'd like trade information and stuff.

sweet_knk said...

u're welcome!! (^^,)
yeah, the watermark wasn't dipped in water so it was a bit dry.. hahaha..
erm, so much technicality... (>.<)
just show me how to do stuff.. i learn best through observing.. lalala..


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