Saturday, April 18, 2009

let's not....

mood : in need of a hug..

i seriously feel like cursing to the point of no return right now..
i'm just so freaking MAD!!!
my anger is directed to a lecturer of mine..
it's not really her fault, but she gave me false hope..

i got a letter from MARA today, concerning my shcolarship application to further my studies overseas..
it read..

'Adalah dimaklumkan bahawa dasar penajaan MARA di bawah Skim Pelajar Cemerlang ke institusi terkemuka luar negara telah mensyaratkan untuk permohonan peringkat iIazah Pertama, pemohon perlu memperolehi transkrip penuh di peringkat Diploma ataupun telah menamatkan pengajian di peringkat pengajian dahulu. Berdasarkan semakan, pemohonan saudari adalah tidak memenuhi syarat tersebut kerana masih dalam pengajian.

Sehubungan itu, bersesuaian dengan peruntukan semasa MARA yang amat terhad sebarang permohonan yang tidak memenuhi syarat yang ditetapkan tidak dapat dipertimbangkan buat masa ini.

Sekian, harap maklum.'

i was practically swearing while reading the letter..

my lecturer said that i would be considered for the scholarship, even when i pointed out the rule about fininshing my Diploma first, but she insisted that it was ok..
she said the college administration also encourged me to apply..
she even ensured me that i would absolutely recieve the scholarship from MARA due to my excellent grades and records..
and that's why i'm so mad at her!!
she gave me false hope!!!
now i'm all angry and feeling hatred..
this feeling sucks!!

not so shining star~~


feshnie said..., man...
I was hoppin' to brag about you to my friends as well.
but you can try to apply again right? after graduatin'?

Don't get so down.
I hugz u nao

Anonymous said...

me too...u have bright future ahead of u...
don't let this get u down...
Hugs from me...literally...u'll understand later...hehehehehe...
:) Smile Always...

sweet_knk said...

thanks guys!!
appreciate the hugs~~

tan TEN ton :D said...

sis, be patient yah!
try la apply lagi.
entah2 ade prob kot?
eh eh sape lecturer tuh?
happy always!

sweet_knk said...

hehehe.. thanks aten..
akak mmg plan nk apply lg..
insyaallah, klau ada rezeki, akak fly overseas la..
lecturer tu, secret la..


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