Saturday, April 11, 2009

time to relax...

Mood : resting..

it's Saturday!!..
i woke up late today, around 9.30a.m..
I've been sleep deprived this whole week, sleeping late and waking up early..
tiring sometimes.. (-.-;;
but last night i slept quite early, around 11..
well, it's kindda early right??..
i usually sleep around 1 to 3 am..
wake up for Subuh prayers and not sleep again..
well, sometimes!!
so it was awesome that i woke up late today!!
but so you know, i didn't miss my Subuh prayers..
just went back to sleep after it..
so not the 'anak dara' type..
sorry mummy~~~ (T.T)

well, i'm up now..
going to do stuff~~

shining star~~


feshnie said...

Gah! You...
is all I have to say...

Not really,
You seem to always wake late in my eyes...
but I'm far-sighted

sweet_knk said...

i wake up early always all the time..
i have to go send wahida to school and not sleep back..
i just surfed the internet in my room.. kindda why u don't see me..

but hey, u're not the one to say i wake up late.. wait... i don't even know when u wake up!!
and we live in the same house..


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