Sunday, April 26, 2009

some stuff..

Mood : bored~~

wow, i guess i get easily bored..
anyways, i saw some old picture in my folders..
being bored, i edited them in photoshop..
my head is still aching though..

picture of me around 2006, i think..

i was really bored while waiting for my mum so i took pictures to kill time..

this picture was taken in February 2008 in Malacca Central..

during my College's Annual Dinner in Equatorial Hotel in September 2008.. i got 4 awards that night.. gloating time.. hahaha.. alhamdulillah..

a candid picture of me during my sister's akad nikah.. i miss my old phone..

well, that's it..
i'm going to bed now..
(-_-) zzZZ
shining star~~

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