Thursday, December 11, 2008


Mood : Excited!!

attention to everyone who is reading this blog..
i have recently upload a video of me and my family in youtube..

this is the link:-

or just watch it here..

feel free to watch it and rate n comment on youtube..
thanks a lot!!..

my username is knajmie and the title of the video is 'me learning korean'
i think i was able to post a second video but not sure yet..
watch it ok?.. thanks!!! (^^,)v
shining star~~~


feshnie said...

Argh...I feel embarrased that you put that vid of all vids...
I kind of rather not have me in there T_T...
If you've left a freakin link on your post it'd be easier! Or perhaps embed the vid in your post!
How difficult can a little HTML be?
argh... It took some time locating the vid. For future uses, please accept my friend invitation on youtube.

Anonymous said...

Ah thanks for accepting me at YT...kekeke
Anyway...I thought it'd be better if you put on a high quality version on YT. Just add "&fmt=18" at the end of the url because people can't read what you wrote in the vid.
BTW, I kind of meant a working url link. Y'know...where you just press it and another window pops up. But it's nice that you actually did what I adviced.

aKu [ pis ] said...


pis pun leh gak ckp korea...:P

senang jerk...

ok2,read my lips children...




Izzlin said...

sepesen muke nye...hehe

sweet_knk said...

sama kan kiteorg.. adik bradik la ktakan.. hehehe..


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