Wednesday, December 24, 2008

the long wait~~ (T__T)

Mood : worried

I'm just so worried right now.. (T__T)
not because of my sickness..
but because of my final exams result..
I'm worried..
this is because my friend, Hasnul told me that he already knows his result..
but i don't know mine yet..
this is so worrisome.. (T__T)

what if i fail?..
what if i did worse then before?..
what if i let down my mum's hope?..
really worried now..

well, i have another bad thing happening..
there's a puppy here on top of the hill I'm living..
there were some Indians who worked around here..
they gave the puppy some food and now the puppy is dying..
they must have poisoned the puppy!!
it's so cruel!!
the puppy is outside my house and i can hear it yelping in pain..
it can't move anymore, just laying there..
and it just started raining!!
owh, the poor puppy!!!
the Indians were so cruel.. they could have just bring the puppy elsewhere..
i just looked out the window, the puppy's not moving anymore..
i think its dead now.. (T__T)
i'm sorry puppy..
rest in peace... (T__T)
please mourn for the death of the puppy..
shining star~~~

1 comment:

feshnie said...

Poor puppy but you can't mourn over it.
It's not good to mourn over those that have gone away.
Move on in life...
I wanna see Qurratul Ain...T_T


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