Thursday, December 4, 2008


today is my fourth day at work...
don't have much work to do today, no customers..
I've been online from the beginning of the day until now~~
epy.. (-.-) Zzz
well, might as well post something new huh..
hurm, what to talk about... ('.')??

i know.. I'll talk about my sisters wedding reception this upcoming
Saturday, 20 December 08
me n my other sisters who are not married yet are planning to sing a song dedicated to her..
we're gonna sing Ma
rry U by Super Junior..
I'm so excited!! (^,^)

however, there are some problems.. like our UN-artistic voices..
huhuhu~~.. wonder what we'll sound like singing live n with a mic..
the horrific wonders!!!! (o.O)!!!
well, hope my already wedded sis will like our dedication..

oh ya, i told my UN-wedded sisters to find a song for a solo performance..
don't know if we'll get to sing it or
not during the wedding..
my mum is quite against it, but who knows, we might get lucky and perform solo..

anyways, i already picked my solo song..
I'm gonna sing You Are My Everything sang by 98 Degrees but popular
ed by
my boyfriend,
Lee Dong Hae of Super Junior..
love this song..
i've been practising but don't sound too good cuz i have a cold right n
hope i can give the best performance during the reception...

pray for me!!! (^,~)

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