Saturday, December 6, 2008

Good Morning Sunshine!!

Mood : whee~~

Today is the last day of work for the first week..
and it's a half day too..
so happy.. (^,^)

but then again, i'm still sick... (>.<)
i've been singing Marry U all the way from home till i reached work..
still sound bad cuz of the cold and the running nose..
not good..

well, on the bright side, i'm gonna get a 3 day off of cuz of Hari Raya AidilAdha..
Sunday, Monday and Tuesday..
so cool!!..
starting next week i'll be living upstairs, above the company, with the other worker..
it's not bad, plus i don't have to pay rent..
and i can wake up late every day..
the joy!!! (^,^)
don't tell my mum ok?..

well, guess that's all the babble for now..
will update once i have other things to babble about..


shining star~~

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