Monday, December 15, 2008

in love~~~

Mood : shy

based on the title of this blog, I'm sure some of you must have your own interpretations on who I'm in love with..
well, sorry to disappoint you, it's not someone close to me..

i've been watching this video on youtube and i kindda like this guy..
but he's my little brother.. cute though.. (^^,)
i'll show the video to you guys.. here it is..

he's the first from the camera, singing the red ocean part..
his name is Onew from the group Shinee..
they're quite good..
this song doesn't belong to them but belongs to DBSK, sort of like their big brother.. (^^,)
this is their original song that i also happen to like..

this song is called Love Like Oxygen.. nice huh..

well, that's all i guess..
talk to you guys later..
by the way, i didn't go shopping on Saturday.. just stayed at home watching Dhoom 2 on TV..
Hitrik Roshan and asywaria rai acted in the movie.. thrilling..
nice actually.. it's been a while since i saw a Hindustan movie.. love their dancing..

bye!!!! (^^,)
shining star~~~


feshnie said...

Teehee~ you like Onew...
He's like the replica of Leeteuk with his dorkiness.
Ufufufufu...and he's also my hyung - eh, no - oppa.
Seobang read your blog tonight.
Yeah, shocked me too.
So what happens to Donghae-oppa now?

sweet_knk said...

he read my blog?!!..
cool!!! i feel so honoured..
when will he leave me a comment or more?..
neways, nothing will change for Donghae.. he is always no 1 in my heart..
onew will just have to settle for 2nd place..
love donghae so so much..
that's why i use all his photos for my moods.. nice huh?.. (^^,)

rAtu saLju™ said...

sgt suka cte Hidustan...dhoom sgt besh bila mereka menari..dan credit kepada Hitrik dan Aishu yg hebat menari..


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