Friday, December 5, 2008

fifth day~~

Mood :- Happy (^,^)v

haloo small people!!!
i'm happy right now..
don't know why, just feeling happy..
maybe cuz i just received 100 free sms from Hotlink..
nice huh?.. hehehehe...

today is the fifth day of work at Perfect Instinct Sdn. Bhd..
a company that sell supplementary health product which is Propolis, a substance from a bee hive..
not much work right now.. that's why i'm updating my blog..

anyways, i'm still not feeling well, my nose is still running around..
having a cold... (>~<)
i've been trying to practice my part in Marry U song or the wedding reception but not going as well i thought it would..
i couldn't catch the high notes and my voice is scratchy..
wonder how i'll sound singing live..
oh, the horrible wonders!!! (o.0)

please3x, pray or me!!!
pray that i'll get better soon..
i've been taking the propolis but nothing is happening yet..

i'm still SICK!!!

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