Thursday, December 11, 2008


Mood : Blurred~~

i'm sitting in the office, not doing anything in particular..
then suddenly, work came flowing in like the wind... wwoossh~~~
now i'm swimming in work again..
had to do a telemarketing script today..
gotta call people tomorrow so i have to have a script right?..
now i got a new job, i have to make the company's handout..
busting my brain now..

and guess what, i didn't even have time to go for my lunch break..
i think my tummy's going to report to the 'food for tummy' union soon..
mianhae tummy, so busy right now..

time to go swim~~~~
blurred shining star~~

1 comment:

feshnie said...

Anyway, sorry you had to suffer complete boredom.
At least you still have your games.
Imagine when I was at school hostel
T_T It was a real pain in the ***.
I was partially bored to coma.
It's a good thing I have I~magination....and a hobby(it helps!)
Well, good luck. we miss ya~!


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