Sunday, December 21, 2008


Mood : resting

it's been a while since i uploaded anything..
been quite busy lately...
and sick...

well, to tell you the happy news..
my sister's wedding had already passed.. YAY!!!! (^^,)
the long hours of work for my sisters and my mom and family members had paid off..
it was a blast!!! lots of people came, despite the fact t
hat we live on top of a hill..
thank you everyone who was able to make it!!!

us siblings with new bro..

my family..

there was even a three storey @ level cake..
and best of all.................

we even got to perform the Marry U performance for her and her new hubby..
but not during the reception, a bit later, around 5.30 p.m..
it was fun and they loved it..
i'll upload it later in Youtube and
put it in my blog..
don't laugh at my sisters and i k...
the one thing that didn't happen was us singing live using the instrumental..
we just danced and lip sing to the original song, Marry U by Super Junior...
but it all worked out in the end and everyone's happy..

now to tell you the bad news...
i had been diagnosed with shingles by my cousin and went on a wild chase for cures from different places..
the reason was it is said that the shingles (kayap) is quite dangerous and may lead to death..
i went to the clinic but the doctor said it wasn't shingles, it was so
mething called charlie brown..
but she gave me 3 sick days.. (^^,)
after that, i went and try the traditional way of curing shingles, through leaves and such..
i even had to drink some blended leaves.. yuck!!!
however, my condition did not get any better..
i was not allowed to do any work to prevent myself from swea
ting as it would make the shingles worse.. so i was practically useless during the wedding preparation..
even my siblings and my mum said i was useless..
mianhae!!!! (>_<)
the bad part was i could not eat any chicken, meat, eggs, yeast, margarine or anything that was made from the said food..
i could only eat fish!!!
nothing fried either.. just stim or baked..
it was torturous!!! but the good part was i lost 3 kg since i got this problem..
here's a picture..
i have to warn you, it's hideous..
the location is classified..

and just today, i went to the clinics again to get more medicine and the doctor said i did not have shingles..
she said i have skin disease, dermatitis..
so i got some antibiotics, steroids, and a cream for my skin..
also got another 3 days of medical leave so i'm in recovery until 24th December..
sweet!!!... (^^,)
i wonder what other people would diagnose me with..
oh, the horror!!!!

well, i guess that's all for now..
will update later and include the video of our performance..
look forward to it k..
don't forget to follow my blog..
shining star~~~


feshnie said...

So you're not dying? Alhamdulillah!
Ah, you scared me! Honestly! Aish!
Don't scare people like that. I have a weak heart.
Honestly...I hope you just have skin infections or something. Like I did.
Maybe you didn't wash yourself well and bacteria began developing there. Ufufufufufu~
What tired?! Be more useful around the house. Mom's the one who is tired. Maybe you should give her a good massage just to be useful. kekekeke. Perhaps after that, I wouldn't have any reason to go around prancing about your uselessness. hihihihi.

sweet_knk said...

well, opah still thinks i have shingles..
don't know which is true..
i might still be dying..

aKu [ pis ] said...


your sister dh lps,u bile plak???


nnt jgn lupe plak jemput2x mkn nasik minyak ekk...:P



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