Thursday, December 25, 2008

results are out!!!~~

Mood : Pure

well, the results are out..
like i predicted, i failed to fill my mothers' expectations..
my results dropped..

my GPA from 4.00 to 3.72..
my CGPA from 3.86 to 3.83..

i feel so horrible..
i so want to cry... (T_T)
i failed my mother...

well, on the bright side, even though my results dropped, i still get AKK..
this had always be my target and goal every semester..
maybe i might get AKM..
and i am always greatful and thankful with what i have..
alhamdulillah, thank you ALLAH..

now i am quite positive that i would be able to further my studies overseas..
insya-ALLAH, my dream will come true..
pray for my success..
thank you...
shining star~~~


Izzlin said...

tahniah adik akak...
comferm AKM nye la.
practical mane ade org dpt selain A..atau A-...tu pun jarang

feshnie said...

It's still good...that mark that you got...
and that pic of donghae you put doesn't seem so's more like he ate something sour but trying to look good. kekekeke.
I'm proud to see that banner i did on the header of your page. ufufufu
Let me do moar~
anyway, i don't see why you fret so much about your results when there is still chance for you to be able to study overseas...eventhough you claim to be 'greatful and thankful' you still fret -_-;;
Like Himura-senpai said in Eyeshield 21, 'with even 0.01%, we can achieve success.'
...or something like that...
anyway, good luck!

sweet_knk said...

why, thank you to kak dewi and to feshnie...
i really do hope to further my studies overseas..
pray for me ya..
thanks a lot!! (^^,)

feshnie, you can make some more later..

aKu [ pis ] said...

Fuh,cmne ekk nk dptkan results gempak cm njmie???

confirm la dpt AKK...tambah lagi ngan AKM...

fuh,besh laa...

sejuk perut mak njmie kan...

results pis plak agk meningkat cket...

tp xsampai sasaran lagi laa...

leh bg advice cket x njmie???

tell me please...

sweet_knk said...

erm... nk advise?..
ntah la pis, njmie pun tak tau apa yg membolehkan njmie dpt result mcmtu..
maybe pay attention dlm klas ja laa..
n apa keja yg lecturer bg, buat..
yg paling penting, klau tak paham apa yg lecturer ajar, terus tnya dia..
erm, yg tu ja laa kot.. that's what i did..


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