Monday, December 8, 2008


Mood : Fishiness~~

today is Hari Raya AidilAdha..

i woke up and took my sunat raya bath, took my ablution and got dressed and put make-up on.. can't go without them..
afterwards, my mum, sis n i went to the UUM mosque to 'takbir' and pray coz of the raya..
there was a small buffet for attending Muslims who went to perform the raya prayers.. long story short, we got free food!!!

neways, after we ate, we headed back home and rested our tummy while watching TV..
we left for Jitra around 11 am and reached there half an hour later..
stuffed ourselves some more with ketupat and raya cookies..

but the highlight of the visit to Jitra was the dance rehearsal for my sisters and me..
remember i told you guys that my sisters and i would be performing the Super Junior song, Marry U for our sister's wedding reception?.. well, that's what we rehearsed for today..

started from the top, we sang together and swapped parts to fit with each others voices.. the UN-artistic ones.. hehehehe..
after that, we added in a little choreography, and voila!!
it was okay..
we even added an intro to the song using Wonder Girls chorus part for the song, Nobody..
i think the outcome for this performance would be fantastic..
can't wait!!!
~shining star~

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