Wednesday, September 23, 2009

can you keep a secret?

Mood : secretive

before continuing,
I'd like to make a quick shoutout to my eldest sister, Kak Ijah..

selamat hari jadi!!
Seingil-chukha hamnida!!
otanjoubi omedeto!!
shengri kuaile!!
you're a year older now, congratulations..
may this year be filled with happiness and joyous thoughts and memories for you..
happy happy birthday!!

moving on..
ok, not really secretive..
just wanted to update..
but I still haven't transfered pictures from my mums digital camera..
later lah..
being so lazy meh..
it's only been 3 days of raya and my weight has increased by 3kg..
sangat gemuk kau tahu?..
thinking of going to the gym anytime soon..
don't tell anyone about my weight gain ya, it'll be our little secret..
*wink wink*

anyway, I just wanted to tell all you awesome people,
that I've already received about RM125 for my duit raya..
rezeki jangan ditolak, tak gitu?..
I didn't actually anticipate to receive this much at the beginning of Raya..
not even RM 5, seriously..
I mean, I'm already 21 years old, standing at 163 cm without high heels, and practically can drive on my own already..
you bet!
but when people give you money, just take it..

oh, tomorrow I'll be going to Jitra Mall with my siblings..
we're gonna catch a movie and shop for some stuff..
I'm thinking of buying coloured contact lenses for my convocation next month..
and also for my SIFE Annual General Meeting with the theme, 'Cartoons and Animes'..
I'll be dressing a bit anime-ish, as Ghotic Lolita..
kinda like Cosplay lah..
you'll see later..
what colour contact lenses should I take ek?..

there are some pictures if you're interested..
my sis might have upload some pictures on her blog since she is having so much fun being the photographer and editor, so she's pretty much content with Photoshop-ing stuff..
me n my sis, Intan are practically her models..

okay, bed time..
adios awesome people!!
shining star~~


feshnie said...

LOLOL~ I actually clicked the link
-super ditz-
I still don't dare to step on the scale.

We still have the heart of children so it's not so shocking if you think of it like that. Lolz~ Spend that money well...
...and get green contacts! Green I tell ya!

ichiban | いちばん said...

happy birthday kak ijah.. btw.. its otanjoubi omedeto.. ko terbalik la.. hahaha.. =P surprisingly i oso get duit raya tahun ni.. hahaha.. but x la sampai beratus2.. dlm 32 ringgit je.. huhu tu kat kg .. kat melaka ni lum raya lagi.. haha but malas la nak raya.. byk homwork bertimbun2 ni... hehehe

Just_najmiE said...


hahaha, very ditz!!
aloh, just step on it la.. then u'll know the truth.. haha..

yeah, the hearts of children, so true kot.. huhu.. ok, green, noted.. (^^,)

Just_najmiE said...


ahh, ok, I edited it.. thanks man!..
haha, don't question why u got money lah, at least u got some right?.. huhu.. alaa, just go beraya lah, it's not everyday, right?..

EIPUL said...

akak ko lahir bape hb? aku semalam. Haha

baik ko pilih lens warna warni. Best kan?

nihin iz said...

ommo its my birthday too!!! send my regards to her.. we are twin sister!! yeayy dapat kutip lagi sorang.. dah empat orang.. first, my friend in convent, then my roommate and now ur sis!! wahhh excited!!

Ejay said...

try Hazel...
not so weird utk org Asian...

Just_najmiE said...


23 aribulan lah.. aku dah wish dah kat ko lah..

warna warni?.. apakah?.. jadik badut sarkas kang.. hahaha..

Just_najmiE said...


really??.. happy birthday dear!! may ur year be blessed with happy thoughts n memories..

hahaha, ramai betul.. my sis turns 24 this year.. (^^,)

Just_najmiE said...

abg ejay..

I've used hazel for so long.. want a change of looks.. hoho.. grey lah kot.. (^^,)

HIZAMI said...

weh, x tkej0t k0t dpt duit raye. aku yg bjangg0t neh p0n dpt w0keyh! haha. still x kawen, still xkeje, still ley dpt duit raye. haha. neway, try r Misty Grey tuh. haha. sukati jek tambah Misty tuh. c0z aku penah try... =)

Just_najmiE said...


berjanggut kah?.. hoho.. tulah pasal, selagi tak kawen n tak keja, still ada peluang nak dapat duit raya kan.. lagi2 kalo comel.. muahaha!! =P

I'll be wearing Crystal Grey.. kemungkinan sama comel mcm kamo.. kekekeke..


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