Friday, September 11, 2009

Sifers United! (^^,)

Mood : hahaha..

I got back from the first SIFE UUM YouthCiti meeting at 10.30pm..
honestly speaking, I had a BLAST!!
everyone was so nice and friendly, that we all clicked right away..
it was just amazing..
regardless of race, gender, religion nor nationality, everyone had fun and got to know each other..
memang sangat best!

the meeting started at 8.30pm, but I got lost so I came a bit late..
Ray came to the rescue and found me..
thanks Ray Beh, you're the best lah..
anyway, I was a bit shy at first..
introduction was a breeze.. not..
I stuttered a bit..
ntah melalut apa tah..
to sum it up, there was about 25 people, plus minus..
there was 2 foreigners, 1 from Indonesia named Iffa, and the other named Abdullah, from Somalia, I think..
and I was the only Malay..
the others were Chinese, men n women quite balanced la..
I was quiet at first, but my 'gila-gila' personality took over and soon I was talking and making jokes with everyone..
I got to know the people in my department, the people I'll be working close with..
there's six of us, 3 men 3 women..
Iffa, Theen, myself, Alex, Leslie and Wei Chong..
I bonded with the girls first, then the guys..
the most senior by semester is Iffa, already in her 5th..
there's some in their 3rd semester..
and a few in 1st semester, me included..

you know something?..
I found a Sungmin lookalike!!
Alex from my department, looks like Sungmin weih, seriously..
he's a bit chubby la, but the smile is almost the same..
ohhh, Sungmin, you're so cute!!
I didn't take Alex's picture la, gila ka apa, baru kenal pastu nak bergambar?..
but here's pictures of Sungmin..
comel kan?..

oh, I have to 'jaga-jaga' now..
some Sifers might stumble upon my blog..
dah la post ntah apa2..
sorry dear Sifers, I'm crazy this way..

oh, I played with Ray Behs Sony DSLR..
sangat seronok!
the feel of it in my fingers, ohh so BEST!
I wish I can have my own one day..
have to kumpul money from now la kan?..

the next YouthCiti meeting will be next Wednesday, venue still unknown..
can't wait for it, want to meet my newfound friends again..
till then, stay safe!!
shining star~~


HIZAMI said...


c0ngratez c0z jumpe 0rg yg hampir same~


fitriah said...

wat is sife? hehe

imHepPie said...

we wan alex pics!!!

EIPUL said...

wah ramainye kawan~


Just_najmiE said...


hahaha.. susah woo nk jumpa.. keke.. thanks! (^^,)

Just_najmiE said...


Students In Free Entreprise.. an organization that is not for profit, helps the community.. bagus tau.. rasanya setiap U kat M'sia ada SIFE nih.. UITM, UTP, UMS..

Just_najmiE said...


hahaha, insyaallah nnt I'll try to get his pics.. tak sabar nmpaknya kamu nih.. =P

Just_najmiE said...


meeting meh, jumpa kwn2 baru.. hehehe..

arekymz membuyau said...

saye pon comel gak..

where is narnia??haha

Just_najmiE said...

arekym membuyau..

comel kah?.. hahaha..
narnia is that way!!.. =P

nihin iz said...

oh my god, im getting jeles ere.. so amek nombor phone and bagi saya.. kekekkee

ada kibum lookalike x??

Just_najmiE said...


I already have his number la, changed phone numbers with all my team mates.. XD XD

kibum look-a-like belum jumpa lagi maa... found a Donghae look-a-like in Tagged.. hohoho..

Miss Healerzz said...


Must take picture next time yah? XD

nihin iz said...

hahahha Norfy mesti akan terus ke UUM after this since dia sungmin bias.. hikhik..

yeaah we demand his picture..

Ejay said...

cuba tgk timestamp comment nih
abg terjaga di pg hari ye
lepas isya' mlm td terus membuta

anyway, good to hear u enjoy with SIFE tu. and btw... Sungmin tu tak comel pun (for me lah). hehe.

messyremo said...

aku lagi comel kot..haha

Just_najmiE said...

miss healerzz..

seriously!! no joke!.. next time I'll try to put in his picture.. there's another meeting this Wednesday.. I'll try ok dear?.. (^^,)

Just_najmiE said...


miahahahaha!!.. I'll try babe, I'll try.. (^^,)

Just_najmiE said...

abg ejay..

2.48am??.. apakah?.. hahaha.. If I knew, ajak msg dah.. I wasn't asleep yet at that time.. haha..

sungmin cute laaaaaaaa~~ T____T

Just_najmiE said...


ko mmg comel, tp bkn utk aku.. hahahaha!!


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