Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Pictures part 4 :- the last day

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first post for September!..

so last Sunday was Daphnee's last day..
I went to Maesha's house to meet their French friend, Remy..
he's cuter in person, you know..
he's 17 I think..
the girls kept saying he's gonna be my future husband..
think about it,
aku kawen ngan orang Perancis?..
kau biar betik..
kalau Islam takpa la jugak kan..
anyway, we spent the remaining hours with Daphnee, talking and hanging out..

girls showing off our friendship bracelets Daph made for us..
can't see mine though but it's blue..

the much missed girl..

group photo!

cam whoring on timer..

today my family and I went to Jitra, to our cousins house..
we broke our fast there..
we met our cute niece again, Quratul Ain..
she's 8 months now..
her teeth are starting to grow..
how did I know?..
I shoved my finger in her mouth!

on the way back, we stopped at Petronas Changlun..
the prices of petrol will be rising starting tomorrow so my mom wanted to fill the tank..
credits for this picture goes to my sis, Kak Ijah..

me, pumping petrol into the cars tank..
I like the smell of petrol, don't you?..

I've got SDG group meeting tomorrow at 8am..
and maybe I'll be heading to SIFE Youthciti interview at 3pm in DKG 1/2..
well, whatever it is, I already finished my summary assignment for Ethnics class, so I'm good..
just have to print them and submit them this Thursday..
now off to finish the other group assignments..
it's proving to be hard..
wish me all the best ya!

oh, forgot to tell you awesome people..
my quiz that was supposed to be taken last Sunday was posponed to Wednesday..
my lecturer made the mistake of saving the questions in Powerpoint 2007 but the PC in my classroom only supports Powerpoint 2003..
fuhhhh, got more time to study, Alhamdulillah..
off to sleep..

goodnight awesome people!!!
shining star~~


fitriah said...

frenship bracelet?

cool lah! :)

Just_najmiE said...


hohoho, sangat cool.. (^^,)

imHepPie said...

bak satu bracelet..

huhu sgt rindu mau balek changlun..

Just_najmiE said...


org yg buatkan bracelet tuh dah takdak lah.. hohoho..

meh la balik sini meh.. hehehe..

sHaH said...

yup, minyak naik..
cian kat mak abah kite ngan kite..

Just_najmiE said...


hohoho, tau takpa.. adiah kerajaan kepada rakyat utk merdeka..


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