Saturday, September 26, 2009

living life to the fullest..

Mood : blur

my day yesterday was exhausting..
I went to my best friends house in Jitra for her Open House and helped out since I was quite close with her family..
I call her mother, mama, so mesti lah close kan?..
I did a lot of dishes that I have to wear hand lotion to get back the moisture in my hands..
but I had fun la..
some pics to share..
ya, I know I look bigger now, your point?..

Miera, my best friend since we were 13 years old..
but we're worlds apart, one different from the other..
she's studying in UiTM Shah Alam now..

some high school friends came to her house while I was there..
Zamri, Shidi and Afif..
we talked and laughed..
then Afif said,

"wei Najmi, awat hang besaq macam di pam-pam?.. dulu time skolah kecik comei ja, sapa dok bela hang la nih?"

siottttt, tak sayang mulut lah hang afif..
I know it's true la, you don't have to tell me..
I've gained like, 8kg since I left high school..
but having him actually saying it to my face hurts more..
hang tengok la nanti Afif, aku kurus balik aih!

Miera sent me home around 5pm with Afif tagging along..
they lepak at my house for 20 minutes and left afterwards..
my mum even gave them duit raya..
Afif was a bit shy to accept it at first, but my mum said that not much people came to our house for raya anyway..
Miera n Afif got RM10 each..
so sapa2 nak duit raya, sila lah datang umah aku..

last night my bro-in-law was inspired to have a BBQ at our house..
so we help him prepare everything needed..
not much people came but the feeling of closeness among us siblings are just equally fine..
we did invite some people, like our German neighbours and also a student of my mum..
I became the photographer most of the time, playing with the Nikon D90..
sangat seronok ok?..
we even played with some leftover mercuns..
oh oh, I saw a REAL LIFE SCORPION last night!!
but I was too scared to kill it..
will upload pictures later once transfered and edited from D90..

well, I'm off..
got assignments to do and pictures to edit..
till then..

adioss awesome people!!
shining star~~


k.A said...

wah2.sejak dapat pegang d90 ni mesti byk gambar u amik eh? :P

EIPUL said...

gambar 1st kool lah!
haha, pompuan kalau kena tegur pasal tambah isipadu badan oleh lelaki mesti tensen kan? Kawan aku pun pernah cerita gak kat aku.
Nape ek?

kahkah. Anyway, ok apa, not that ko overweight pun kan?

HIZAMI said...

kan epul?

tak keysah chubby sket.

juz dun 0verweight suda la...


Just_najmiE said...


hehehe, itu semestinya.. (^^,)v

Just_najmiE said...


berat dowh, aku tak tipu..
mestilah tensen, sbb berat tuh cam agak penting lah yg agak patut dijaga.. hoho..

oh oh, tak.. aku tak overweight.. kalau pakai carta BMI ka apa tah, aku ideal weight lagi.. tp tak salah kalau aku turunkan berat bdn aku.. huhu..

Just_najmiE said...


jadi kena make sure tak overweight ja lah nih?.. ngeh3, senang plak kalau gitu..

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