Sunday, September 6, 2009

a habit that bites your butt

Mood : *I'd prefer not to tell*

I missed my Maths class this morning at 8am..
I slept..
wasn't feeling well, had tummy ache..
my moon is bothering me lah..
but I went to my 5pm class anyway eventhough it hurts..
the cold rain didn't help either..

I saw something on my way to class..
I saw a Malay man, obviously a muslim, doing something..
he was smoking..
in broad daylight, around 4.50pm..
a man, people!
kau period ka hah?
come on lah, eventhough you're addicted to smoking, tahan la your lust for it..
I have friends who are 'perokok tegar' but still fasting during Ramadhan..
they know what they need to do, don't you?
nanti bukak puasa, isap la 3 kotak rokok pun kalau kau nak, takdak sapa nak halang..
n kalau kau tak tahan sangat n nak bukak puasa, takyah la tunjuk kat orang..
buat malu kat bangsa n agama lain kau tahu?
you're such a disgrace to your gender and your religion..

anyway, on to todays reason for this post..
a group member of mine called me just now to ask about our Etnics assignment..
I provided her with the information..
she said thanks and hung up..
it's bugging me..
I'm being such a lazyass and procrastinating too much..
haven't started on my part of the assignment yet..
aiyohh, Najmie, don't be too lazy lah!
aja aja hwaiting!!
tomorrow start doing stuff la, don't procrastinate too much, it's not good for your health..

does anyone know how to end this whole procrastinating habit of mine?..
I seriously have to stop it..
mummy, sisters, friends, hubby (eh, adakah?),

please help me..
shining star~~


fitriah said...

i am a great procrastinator too. :)

Anonymous said...

babe..its normal when u r not in a mood..agagag...just enjoy..buat je esok...hehehe..know la u rajin :)-pika

Ejay said...

ihh.. geramnya ngan lelaki yg tak puasa tuh. apsal kamu tak tikam je dia ngan senjata mcm kamu bunuh lipan tuh? eeeee.. geram geram geram!

Just_najmiE said...


oh, sama lah kita ek?.. hahaha.. camana nak bg tak jadi procrastinator?.. (^^,)

Just_najmiE said...


hahaha, I guess so.. I get lazy sometimes that it bugs me.. aishh.. gonna start tomorrow.. I hope.. =P

Just_najmiE said...


erkk, bunuh dia?.. uwaaaa, tanak raya dalam lokap.. T___T

imHepPie said...

ahhaaa...xposa eh???

len kali kol je geng jab agama suh bwak nek van jenazah seround dua haha

revival said...

When u feel like being a lazy bone...push urself even harder to do it. That way u can rid the procastinating attitude. U r what u made urself to be. If u keep giving reason from doing what u r suppose to do, forever u will be the slave of a bad habit. Cherio...

Silverleaf said...

from a procrastinator to another...its hard to kick the habit... still wonder how to stop it.....

Just_najmiE said...


shhhhhhh!!!!!!! dok dendiam meh.. adoii..

alah, tak sempat la, sbb ngah rushing pegi klas.. nnt kalau nmpk lg, konfem trus call.. haha..

Just_najmiE said...


push myself harder.. got it.. thanks mum!.. (^^,)

Just_najmiE said...


oh, u've been missed!.. been busy?.. (^^,)

let's try kicking it like how my mum said, maybe it could work.. hehe..

HIZAMI said...


same g0es t0 me here.


yg penting, determintati0n.

set in mind that we have & must d0!


Just_najmiE said...


good tip!.. thanks for sharing bro.. (^^,)

EIPUL said...

alah, ramai aje kat sini yang macam tu. Tahu2 je koridor bau rokok petang2. Aku ingatkan bau fogging yang nak bunuh nyamuk tuh rupanya bukan. wakaka

Just_najmiE said...


td pon aku nmpak lagi sekali.. adoii.. fogging cara primitive.. hahaha..


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