Friday, September 25, 2009


Mood : tired..

honestly speaking, I'm exhausted..
like, really..
macam nak patah pinggang n kepala lutut aku..
I went to the gym this morning with my sisters, Intan n Aini..
but the gym wasn't open..
we ended up running on the UUM track at the stadium..
gila semput baiii..
my stamina is really effin' low..
and when we got back home, we decided to wash the car since we didn't get enough exercise..
got to burn some of those raya calories..
but truth be told, the car hasn't been washed for months!
my mum dah mula bising dah..
reti naik ja kereta, basuhnya tak..
shhhh, don't tell anyone..

yesterdays activities were fun too..
we went to Jitra Mall to watch Final Destination 4, an 18 and above rated movie, and 'seludup' my 11 year old sister in..
good thing we weren't caught..
the movie was ok, but the CGI was too much..
looks wayyyyyyy unreal..
the previous FD's were better, especially FD 3, hands down..
well, at least the lead actor for FD4 was cute..
after the movie, we sisters went on a search-and-buy mission, looking for presents to give to our eldest sis, Kak Ijah, since it was her birthday that day..
I bought the perfect gift, and it cost me a fortune too..
well, as long as she's happy..
we even got to eat Secret Recipe cakes, courtesy of Kak Ijahs husband, Abg Hafiz..
he came from KL with a surprise, a Nikon D90 DSLR!!!
wat the FF!!!
harus lah aku menjerit macam jumpa pakwe hensem kan?..
eh, tak3, kalau jumpa pakwe hensem, aku tak jerit pon..

the moment I held the DSLR in my hands, and took my first picture with it, I felt......

berat nak mampos kamera nih!!
seriously, not joking..
I started snapping random pictures of my sisters in a book shop till the cashier said with her annoying voice,
"excuse me, kat sini tak boleh ambek gambar.."
ekelehh, aku dah 10 minit tangkap gambar, kau tak bising pun tadi?..

around 2.30pm, I went to Changlun to buy myself a pair of contact lenses..
had to 'tempah' first..
I choose 'Crystal Grey'
can't want to put them on!
while waiting for my sis and my bro-in-law who went and bought stuff, I played with the D90 a bit..
jadi paparazzi siot..
people kept looking at me and the camera, probably thinking I'm from a newspaper or something..
some even walked in front of me lots of times!
Malaysians, what to do meh?..
went back home feeling content having the time to bond with my new love..

So, just now I got back from MarryBrown Changlun at 10pm and we siblings plus abg hafiz went to the garden in front of UUM Canselori building for a photo session with the D90..
sangat seronok kau tahu?..
guleng2 atas jalan tar pun takdak sapa nak marah..
we took tonnes of pictures but haven't transfered it yet..
I'll upload it later maybe..
well, here are some pictures from yesterday and 3rd day of Raya..
photos courtesy to Aini, and some to me n wahida..

me with my new love..

the owner of my new love..
but I don't love the owner more than a brother..

Secret Recipe cakes..
black forest, chocolate indulgence and blueberry cheesecake..

birthday girl who turned 24 last Tuesday..
she's holding my gift..

Raya pictures..
mercun time!!

kitty wants to raya too!!

stalker berjaya..

in the moment..

ouch, the kitty bit me!!..
cehh, tak sakit pun, nak wat manja plak..
sekeh pala kang..

ok, I'm off to bed..
have to go to Jitra tomorrow, lepak-ing at my best friends house..
she'll be going back to Malacca on Saturday so this is the last chance to 'manja-manja' with her before she goes back to class..
good night awesome people!!
shining star~~


Ejay said...

mak aih...
gile ah! dia dpt gak pegang camera tu. jeles giler!! ~haish

p.s tp apsal quality gambo dia mcm camera hp je? keh keh keh

nihin iz said...

my mom bought my sister dslr jugak but beli sony alpha something2 bcos we couldnt find nikon kat sp.. but week after, jumpa ada pula.. gila frust la my sister..

but seriously the pic tangkap guna slr is much more nicer than guna digicam.. dah tu sharp plak..

EIPUL said...

aritu aku pegang dslr kawan aku and try tangkap gambar guna benda tu, memang at first jakun gila ar klik sini sana, sebab ko boleh adjust dia punya sharpness wutsoever kan, tapi gambar memang totally perfect ar. Tak tipu. Haha

HIZAMI said...

bez ek kalu de kamera camtuh?
k0mfem stp minit click click...


Wahida K said...

yay! thn ni at least beli jugak hadiah kat kak ijah....

Judiene said...

u already own a D90 DSLR???
how come??
why ur bro-in-law give it to u??
OMG! i'm so fraking jealous!


Just_najmiE said...

abg ejay..

jeles?.. ngeh3..

alaa, mmg smua gmbar bukan dr Nikon tu, from my mums Sony Cybershot ja.. but not from handphone ya.. huhuhu..

Just_najmiE said...


alaa, cian ur sis.. but at least she has a dslr.. yg takdak like me nih, jakun ja lah bila dpt pegang my dream camera kan?.. huhuhu..

yeap, that's for sure! sgt cntik dan leh jadi paparazzi berjaya.. hahaha..

Just_najmiE said...


aku paham weih, aku pun jakun gila bila pgng kamera tuh.. best gila!! gmbar pun bapak smart siot..

Just_najmiE said...


sesungguhnya anda sgt memahami diriku ini.. tp, sedihnya, kamera itu bukan miliki.. wuwuwuwu~~ T___T

Just_najmiE said...


yeap2, ganti utk tahun2 sebelum nih.. kekeke..

Just_najmiE said...


I WISH he gave it to me, but he didn't.. just bawak for me to play with ja.. it's his lah dear.. he just brought it so that I can experiment.. hehehhe..

kalau mmg betul, sila lah jeles ok?.. hahaha..


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