Tuesday, September 1, 2009

part 7 :- the comment

Mood : disorientated
*the picture and its msg was deliberately selected..*

I opened my dashboard today around 7.50pm, after I broke my fast with my family..
I got a comment from someone that surprised me very much..
she commented on a post last month entitled,
that post had everything to do with my former bestfriend, Kerol..
turns out the commentor is his current girlfriend now..

to save you guys the trouble of going through my archive and reading her comment, I'll post it here instead..
but I'm not gonna link her, if you wanna see her blog, you gotta go to the post itself..


huhuhuu.. i think u guys talking about me... hash gak la comments yg ur fwen post ni....sampai ade yg ckp i ni pukimak?.. isk2.. saba jek laa...

xpe.. bln pose ni xelok mrh2.. saba2...

fyi my dear sis, i never asked kerol supaya xkwn ngn u lgsg...i juz a lil jeles when he always keep mention ur name.. dats all..

he did mention dat u tulis blog psl de...so, xsangka lak, im da black sheep of dis story.. huhuhu..

sowy if de ade wat sumthing yg wat u rs sedey... i pn pmpn gak.. i noe ur feelin'... i xla kejam sgt nk gelak kn u sedey sampai cm 2 ( afta i bc ur posts.. rs mcm kecewa yg parah.. =| )... so, kt sini i nk say sowy if i ade wat salah kt u.. same goes wif kerol.. bg pihak de, i say sorry... happy ramadhan dear sist... askum.....


and this is my reply to her comment..



w'salam.. were we?.. I won't know coz I don't know who he's with.. if it's u, then congratulations.. he's a very nice guy, u should treasure him..

I get it, u're jealous.. that's why I let him go.. again, I didn't know who u are, and I didn't say anything bad bout u.. just so u know..

yes, I was upset, sad n crying every two minutes, but I've passed it now.. I've let him go.. I've moved on with my life.. there's no reason to dwell in the past.. he's yours now, take care of him..

no, I'm not angry with u, and it's not ur fault.. I was foolish to think that he'll wait for me and he didn't.. so, my loss kan?.. it's ok..

happy ramadhan to u too.. w'salam..


and I opened her blog, just to check it out..
she wrote something, mentioning she was here in my blog..


juz now i ade bc 1 blog nih... sumone kat i nih pukim**... adeehh.. apelaah salah i.. ttb kne sebijik... 2 la cik abg oit ( or should i say her???? )... len kali, selidik dlu.. dosa taw men tuduh2 mcm 2.. not nice... hehehe.. dun wori.. im not mad at u...


to miss Aisya..
honestly, I had passed this stage a few days back..
yes, I was really upset when I first found out about you and him, but guess what,
like I said, there's no reason for me to dwell on my past as it does me no good..
forgive and forget right?..
besides, he's not the only man in this universe, there's bound to be someone else better for me..
Kerol is yours now..
what you guys do in the future is clearly up to you..

fyi, he was the one who told me you won't let us be friends anymore..
he's to be blamed for the misscomunication..
and what my readers say about this topic is clearly their own opinion..
I didn't tell them to insult you or anything..
they write what they feel..

I never dissed on you or Kerol in my blog..
I never 'tuduh2' you with anything..
and I don't want to 'selidik' anything about you..
heck, I don't even know you!
all Kerol told me was you've liked him for a long time and you were older then him..
he told me the reason why he accepted you..
that's all..
and I never bothered to ask and I won't..
maybe you're the one who should get your facts straight first before dissing me on your blog..
in case you didn't know, here's the facts..
I've let him go..
I've moved on..
I'm not going to ruin your relationship with him as I have no interest what-so-ever anymore..

I hereby accept your apology and I send you mine as well..
me and Kerol WERE bestfriends..
I'm not going to steal your boyfriend, I'm not a boyfriend stealer..
I don't blame you for being jealous, it's what we girls do best..
but in the future, don't be dissing me in your blog..
you won't like what I can do..

I've MOVED ON and let him go..
but have you?


ps:- have to study for my MIS quiz tomorrow and my mid-term Maths test this Friday..
emotionally unstable..
bother me and I'll break you..
*evil stare*


Silverleaf said...

gosh...dnt wanna intervene here...

i heard a say

"there's no hell like a woman scorn"...

made me scared...huhu

Just_najmiE said...


women can give u hell when they're mad..

Silverleaf said...

I learn that the hard way..ehe...

sHaH said...

dat pukimak thingy came from me..
i guess it's kerol yg takmo kwn ngan ko la..
not her yg halang..

Just_najmiE said...


experience is the best teacher..

Just_najmiE said...


yeah, it was from u.. but I don't blame u tho.. kerol yg halang?.. I dunno.. tp yg terjadi tuh miss communication la.. tak tau sapa yg tak bg kwn dgn sapa, but it's ok.. menda dh lepas kan..

Judiene said...

wow, dahsyat sggh ek
kalo bab2 pasaan cni, mmg ssh
lbh2 lg kalo hal2 kapel neh
ermm, sabar je la ek
u r a strong woman!


k.A said...

i guess maybe ada some miscommunication kot? or maybe some people ada ego terlebih sikit. yeap, move on. doakan yang terbaik untuk diri sendiri dan dia. :)

Just_najmiE said...


dasyat kah?.. tak kot, cuma timing agak tak kena.. ya lah, I'm busy on quiz's and tests tetiba kena mcm nih.. so a bit stressed..

hohoho, he 's not my boyfriend, just a friend.. thanks bro.. (^^,)

Just_najmiE said...


yeah, maybe kot.. but I'll never know who's wrong n who's right coz I don't care nemore.. hohoho..

thanks, am already moving on now.. u're the best.. (^^,)

HEMY said...

hahahahaha!!! sorry for laughing coz i'm thru with all these...have been there done that..huhu

Just_najmiE said...


hohoho, I don't mind.. laugh all u want.. it's silly anyway.. (^^,)

Ejay said...

hi, i hope everything dah ok by now.
benda2 mcm ni hopefully can make u stronger. trust me, u deserve better!

Just_najmiE said...


everything's okay.. thanks for ur concern.. yeah, I deserve better.. and I'm stronger now.. thank u.. (^^,)


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